Spokes Person

Josh Shulman is a bike peddler at Freedom Bike Shop in Penticton.

Is it just me or is September one of the best months of the year?

I love the cooler temperatures and the return of some moisture to our beloved bike trails. I love the early evenings, especially when the skies are clear.

Did you catch the full moon the other night? Just beautiful. Ever jumped on your bike and gone for cruise under the full moon? I highly recommend it.

The world-class Kettle Valley Rail Trail is an absolutely amazing place to ride your bike while the moon is full. Zero traffic, no obstacles and amazing views of the sky and the valley. If you hit it right and the skies are clear and the moon is bright, you can ride by moonlight alone.

That said, don’t forget your lights, they still come in handy.

What’s that? You still have not joined the current bike boom? What on earth are you waiting for? Your television to tell you to? For gas prices to go even higher?

Ask yourself, “Do I really need to drive my car to get through my day?” If you added 20 to 30 minutes to your daily adventures around town, would it really be that bad? With the right bike, you can pick up groceries along the way, pick up and drop off the little ones at daycare/school/activities and still get where you need to be in almost the same amount of time as if you did it in a car.

Sure, making the change from car dependant to bike commuter might require a few tweaks to your morning and evening routine, but it is doable.

Bikes are not just for the spandex clad fitness freaks. They can also be outfitted with racks, bags for carrying the things you need and child seats for the busy family, kids to big for a child seat.

Guess what, they can ride too!

Bikes can be comfortable, efficient and a blast to ride. They can be electric or analog. They can be exactly what you need them to be.

No, I am not saying everyone has the ability to leave the car in the driveway everyday and ride a bike. But, on the days you can, why not? Why can’t we all find a way to get to the headspace where the car or truck is the second choice when heading out into our community?

It’s all about having the right tools. In this case, the right bike. It is out there.

Josh Shulman is a bike peddler at Freedom Bike Shop in Penticton.