Ken Robertson, competing in the fourth flight, had the overall low net in this week’s action of the Summerland Senior Men’s Golf League.

Robertson had a score of five-under 67. Ten players shared in the deuce pot with Charles Lay scoring a pair.

The following were the low net scores in each flight.

First flight: Dennis Glasscock, 72 (cb), Bob Fortune, 72, Jeff Goodis, 72, Greg Flook, 72.

Second flight: Alf Vaagen, 69, Glen Steinke, 71 (cb), Glen Brennan, 71, Chuck Harman, 74

Third flight: Eric Johnson, 70, Jerry Sauve, 71, Stan Brock, 72 (cb), Ed Helgason, 72

Fourth flight: Robertson, 67, Ted Gamracy, 70, Gary Hollingshead, 71 (cb), Stu Macaulay, 71.