The foursome of Colette Berthelsen, Pat Anderson, Karen St. Martin and Janice Clary carded a collective score of 74 to take top spot in the Mexican Scramble event staged this week during Ladies Day at the Penticton Golf and Country Club.

The format sees each player on a team given a number from one to four. Each player drives, then the team rolls a dice to decide which player’s drive to use. If a five comes up, the team rolls again. If a six comes up, the team can pick which drive it wants to use.

Second place went to the team of Diane Banera, Sandra Reeves, Josie Tyabji and Lorna Nicolson, which scored a 75.

There was a four-way tie for third place with each squad notching a 76. The teams were: Maureen Bildfell, Thelma Johnston and Irene Henderson; Shawna O'Neil, Margaret Dragovan, Kathy Hofmann and Jackie Tuskey; Cheryl Pentland, Mavis Holder, Marilyn Wiens and Laurie Kadin; and Daisy Kapusta, Barb Laisi, Wendy Smith and Bernice Cameron.