Discovery House

Darrell Richards (left) needs your help in his effort to win a motorcycle he wants to donate to Discovery House, where Matt Jones is currently a client.

Despite strong backing from his community, a Penticton man has been knocked out of an online contest he hoped to win on behalf of a local charity.

Darrell Richards made it to the quarterfinals of the Dream Chopper contest through the “Orange Country Choppers” TV show.

First prize is a custom-designed motorcycle that Richards believed could have fetched $100,000 at auction for Discovery House.

Richards broke the news to his followers Friday on Facebook.

“It certainly wasn’t from lack of trying as we had many media outlets assisting us in getting the good word out there, and most certainly not from lack of community support in voting,” he wrote.

“We had the most loyal and aggressive voting class. The organizers expressed that to me this morning in an email. Unfortunately we fell victim to a small loophole in the contest and the winner of my quarterfinal bought his way into the next round.”

Discovery House, which offers residential programs for men recovering from drug and alcohol addictions, is trying to pull together the money to buy a third property in Penticton.