GUYSBOROUGH – Councillor Dave Hanhams added an item to the agenda for the regular council meeting in the Municipality of the District of Guysborough on Jan. 18 regarding a sunken vessel in Canso.

Hanhams told council that a vessel tied to the Tickle Wharf in Canso has returned to its sunken position after it had been raised in December by the Coast Guard for the removal of potentially dangerous fluids, such as fuel.

According to Hanhams, shortly after the vessel was raised, it faltered again and slipped below the water next to the wharf.

Hanhams put forth a motion to send a letter asking for the removal of the vessel to both the Coast Guard and Cape Breton-Canso MP Mike Kelloway. The motion passed unanimously.

Following the adjournment of council, MODG Warden Pitts said, “Jurisdiction in regards to waters, salt waters especially, falls on the federal government…the boat is there. It’s a problem. It might even be a navigational problem now. So, let’s get it fixed up. If it was on our page, we would have to fix it. We would fix it regardless of whether we had to or not. It’s the proper thing to do. It doesn’t belong there…It’s only fair that in this letter we copy our MP on it. That’s why he’s there. It’s federal jurisdiction…And I feel very confident that Mr. Kelloway will be on top of it.”

In other business, MODG approved a request by QUAD T&D Holdings Ltd. to rezone property on South River Lake Road, near West Cooks Cove, from resource/residential to commercial. A public hearing on the request was held on Jan. 4.

The MODG recently put out a request for proposals from realtors to which there was only one response submitted by Carmel Avery-MacDonald of ViewPoint Realty who was awarded the contract. Pitts told the media, after council adjourned, that the contract was for, “Anytime we require real-estate service within the municipality be it buy and selling… we choose to go through a real-estate firm. It was open to all realtors within the municipality. Apparently, from the report, we only had one response and it was very reasonable.”

Councillor Paul Long gave a report on the activities of the community health board, noting that the organization would be holding an event, tentatively scheduled for Thursday, Feb. 9, to announce this year’s recipients of wellness fund grants, and to hear a synopsis of project outcomes from last year’s recipients.

Long also noted that the tender for the daycare renovation at Chedabucto Education Centre/Guysborough Academy was published Jan. 17. The closing date is Thursday, Feb. 9. A pre-bidding onsite visit is mandatory, with an event date scheduled for Jan. 24.

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