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In early March we got news Sony is doing a revamp of the Playstation Plus service, offering multiple tiers of the subscription to gamers.

Let’s delve into the issue that is my Gran Turismo 7 review. Like many other reviewers, I received a review copy about a week and a half before launch. The issue is that after launch, the game fundamentally changed.

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Sony had its latest showcase on March 9 so players can see what upcoming titles to expect and Sony could deliver some surprise announcements.

Xbox Game Pass is always a great deal for parents and gamers alike. January is another great month.

This year has seen the release of a large number of fantastic games that are great in their own way. There has to be one standout title and this year is no different.

This year has been a great year for gamers no matter your system. Below are my game of the year nominations. Feel free to email me your pick and I'll highlight the winner next week.

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Microsoft’s takeover of game developer Bethesda has been finalized. Microsoft now owns all the Bethesda studios and their rights. What this means for gamers is all of Bethesda’s library of past games are now on Microsoft’s Game Pass.


Sony made a surprise announcement that the PS5 will have its own virtual reality system.

The last few weeks, an interesting story unfolded with a gaming company called GameStop, which is EB Games in Canada.

People always think they have no real power when it comes to large companies like Sony and Microsoft, this story proves we actually have more power than we think.

We have updates from the management of Cyberpunk 2077 and more from people who worked on the game about that disastrous and glitch-filled launch last month.

With next generation consoles getting a lot of the spotlight, current console owners still have tons of games to look forward to.


Last week, we had Microsoft unveil the Xbox Series S (all digital) for US$299 and the Series X for US$499. The Series S is the perfect system for entry into the next-generation consoles with the Series X being those looking for true power and 4k visuals.

This week was loaded with news about the next-generation consoles coming from Microsoft.