I was in my second year at university when, in October 1957, the Soviet Union became the first nation to put a satellite in orbit. That was the first step in an amazing saga of firsts that not only led to humans landing on the moon, but also enabled communications around the world using sate…

Canada’s news publishers, who employ 3,000 journalists from coast to coast to coast, believe that free speech, journalistic freedom, and a strong, healthy, commercially viable, and fiercely independent media ecosystem are all vital to our democracy.

OVERVIEW: The push for action is more intense with the full moon energy combined with mercury returning to apparent forward motion. Many will be more focused on getting going or at least catching up to some degree. Try to maintain a position on any ground gained. Some are trying to work thei…

We who live in the enlightened western nations tend to heap scorn on the Hindu caste system. We don’t recognize that we have our own caste systems.


This is the long weekend where we connect and celebrate together, turning our hearts to thankfulness. There is a remarkable power in appreciation. It is a superpower that changes things.

A rising tide of people in this country apparently believe — body, mind, and spirit — that they are called overthrow the established powers-that-be. By any means. Including physical insurrection.


Monday night’s federal election is now a distant memory. Like the entire ninth season of “Dallas,” it was all a dream.

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My last report as a Member of Parliament was on Aug. 11. While that was just six weeks ago, it is remarkable what has happened in that time.


Studying the numbers from Monday night’s election in South Okanagan-West Kootenay, the final result wasn’t surprising. The individual percentages were.

The subprime mortgage crisis in 2008 was the worst worldwide financial crisis since the Great Depression of the 1930s. This financial crisis was particularly severe in the U.S. and Europe.

We’ve had a vaccination passport for slightly under a week here in B.C. Obviously, it’s causing problems for the stores and restaurants that have to check patrons at the door — especially when some of those patrons, who should know better, verbally abuse a high school kid 30 years their junior.

These evenings, the Big Dipper is lurking low in the northern sky. The two stars opposite the handle, named Dubhe and Merak, are known as the “pointers”, because they point to the North Star, which is also known as the Pole Star.

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Jim Taylor, who usually occupies this coveted space in our weekend edition, is off this week.

Out of all the worlds around the solar system we have so far looked at, Mars is the most like ours. The geological and geographic resemblance to ours is striking. It does look like a place where we could live, that is, with a lot of technical help.

At a Kelowna city council meeting on Aug. 27, a proposal by developer Grant Gaucher to change the composition of the 1,300 units previously approved in the McKinley Beach area went down to defeat. The new proposal reduced the number of multi-family units and townhouses and increased the numb…

I had my 85th birthday this last week. It’s a new experience for me. I’ve never had an 85th birthday before; I’ll know I’ll never have one again. Obviously.

Canada’s federal election campaign just passed the two-week mark. Alas, we’ve already witnessed an invasion of the privacy of some politicians in public and private spaces.

Slow, dull, dim, brainless, boneheaded, choose your own euphemism for stupid, but the anti-vax, anti-mask, COVID-denial crowd has moved us past the time when we need to be tap dancing around the term “stupid” lest we offend.

I am surprised at the commentary from both the media and politicians about the rise of the Taliban in Afghanistan. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, for one, said that Canada would not recognize a Taliban government that violently deposed a freely elected government. What he did not say was tha…

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As I wrote last week, faithfulness is an evident characteristic taking place in the lives around us. Little moments of faithfulness make such a difference.

Three days left until the last Western troops leave Afghanistan — unless U.S. President Joe Biden changes his mind at the last minute.

Whoa, I thought bike lanes were a divisive topic. Talking and writing about bike lanes is nothing compared to the headlines and topics hogging all the attention now.

I believe most Canadians are aware of Mark Carney, former Governor of the Bank of Canada,former Governor of the Bank of England and current UN Special Envoy on Climate Action and Finance. These are only a few highlights of his many achievements.

This is perhaps the most critical federal election in decades. The devastation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, both to the health of Canadians and to the well-being of the economy, is nearly unprecedented. Whichever party wins must convince the country it has a clear sense of direction, and…