Christmas Extravaganza

The curtain call for Soundstage Productions' "Christmas Extravaganza." Shows continued Friday, Dec. 17 and Saturday, Dec. 18, 2021 at the Penticton Lakeside Resort.

An awesome evening of fun in Penticton

Dear Editor:

Just a note of appreciation to all those involved in the Christmas Extravaganza held at the Penticton Lakeside Resort.

The singing, dancing and music were all excellent and the enthusiasm of the company was obvious. The audience was engaged and appreciative. This appears to be a community effort with performers of all ages presenting at a very high standard.

With all the negative news coverage lately, it is great to be able to escape for an evening of fun, in our little town.

Ron Ramsay


City’s partnership with PIB lacking

Dear Editor:

The Penticton Parks and Recreation Master Plan approved by city council contains the following in the executive summary and other sections concerning the Penticton Indian Band.

• To integrate a transportation structure with the PIB to establish a lake-to-lake linear connection.

• To have respectful and productive partnership with the PIB.

• To work with PIB on improvements and management along the River Channel Parkway (recreation/bike/pedestrians with dogs), for enjoyment in a natural pristine beauty and traffic-free enviroment.

• The critical factor of the MP is to remain committed to the values, vision, goals in all aspects of parks and recreation regarding the City and PIB.

The city council, by their controversial action, has completely ignored the intent of the MP by stunting the growth, progress and aspirations of the PIB, first inveigled by “Shape Your City,” blatantly ignoring the approved MP mandate; a long 30-year serving councillor since 1990, when I questioned why the PIB Channel Parkway was not even considered, replied in her email to me (July 13, 2021) that the PIB is not on City land (although included in the MP, that the PIB had zero interest to work with the City on the Channel Parkway path, a questionable, one-sided comment at best and that I should let go, considered an insult to my integrity.

A non-resident-councillor pushed through council a frenzied $4.5 million for Phase 2 extension of the city bikeway, with no funds earmarked for the PIB lake-to-lake linear connection as mandated by the MP.

Please note that the council has never held a referendum for the whole Penticton demographic population to determine their support for this council “pet project,” benefitting very few, except mainly the lobbying cycling community.

In my opinion, the present council has the moral obligation to reverse course and abide by the approved Master Plan as it relates to the co-operation between the City/PIB.

Major Claude Filiatrault


Puzzled by new job posting with IH

Dear Editor:

So, it’s curious trying to make sense of the fact that the government health agencies are laying off health care workers at the hospital and then they are hiring “environmental health officers” and to do exactly what?

Treat the patients that arrive in the emergency departments?


We, that is us taxpayers, are paying those people that will fill these newly-created positions $72,000 per year. Is what they’re doing really “health care?”

Wayne Llewellyn


Politicians should do some hard work

Dear Editor:

I worked to strengthen a section of the Fraser River dyke during the 1970s. I’ve been there, done that.

I have a good idea for the political mouthpieces praising the working gal and man in their huge effort to rebuild dykes, highways and entire towns leveled by fire and floods.

All politician should take time out for a month to work — and that’s real work, like hands on — instead of giving lip service and arranging photo ops.

People who tirelessly mend what Mother Nature destroyed are enviable.

Politicians filling sandbags for a week may be an introduction to hard work.

After all, its the politicians that keep reminding the public “that we are all in this together.”

Tom Isherwood


The common life of pastors

Dear Editor:

Reformer, John Calvin says, that each of us is an actor on the stage of life and God is the audience. This is an interesting image because it suggests that God might actually enjoy us. Jesus said, “There is more joy in heaven over one sinner that repents the over 99 just people, that need no repentance” (Luke 15:7). The metaphor is interesting also because it makes us artists through our behaviour and the response of God to us might be seen as wonder or mercy. It would offer a way of understanding existence, since presumably our world exists to glorify and give joy to God.

New builds should consider the climate

Dear Editor

Re: “Conditional approval for contentious rezoning at 602 Lakeshore Drive,” (Herald, Dec. 9).

The following letter was sent to Cal Meiklejohn, a Penticton architect.

Your company Meiklejon Architects Inc. is expert in the field of sustainability and is proud of its LEED certification.

That is so commendable!

And your love of our city and your commitment to its growth was clearly evident in your presentation to city council Dec 7.

Bringing that knowledge to Penticton in all our new developments would ensure that the city has a path to zero emissions that could be news making in B.C.

An article this week in the National Observer discusses developments that are being created to be zero-carbon in the States. Your company could be at the forefront of this here in Penticton, especially redeveloping the 602 Lakeshore site to be passive, with xeriscaping, more shade with larger canopy, less blacktop, reduced physical footprint (four units rather than eight) and being set further back from the sidewalk, including solar installations and EV charging and other climate-focused applications.

Residents of Penticton are very, very concerned that the development doesn’t fit the flavour of the city and is too imposing on that lot. These climate considerations might help to make the development more appealing to residents.

I and my friends in climate action are concerned about our livable future and emissions in the city. The heat dome and the nearby floods and fires from this year engendered serious worries and, as we will see many more catastrophic climate events, it is up to all of us, citizens and developers and city councillors, to create a better community for our future and the future of our children.

Your legacy could be even more enhanced by working on totally zero-carbon buildings and exhibiting the deep understanding of our new world of global warming our children face. Please consider my suggestions.

Lori Goldman