Letters to the Editor

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Get over it, wear your mask

Dear Editor:

2020 is almost over and I am hoping this tired trend of people who have no idea what its like to be oppressed, acting oppressed is done. I can’t fathom why they want to be oppressed so bad in the first place that they would take their first-world problems and throw a tantrum until they have convinced themselves that they actually are oppressed. This is just crazy.

Having to wear a mask for the safety of their neighbours is not oppression. Having to pray at home to keep your village healthy is not oppression and to complain about it is the most un-Christian- like attitude I have ever encountered. Not having big parties to not overwhelm our hopitals and heroic hospital staff is not oppression.

A little inconvenience is not being oppressed and crying about it isn’t protest, it’s a selfish little tantrum. I honestly hope 2021 is better for us all. I wish for health, happiness and prosperity for all, including those throwing little tantrums.

Kristine Shepherd


Carrier thanks his great customers

Dear Editor:

I am a Herald carrier, my route covers Woodruff, Scott, Windsor, Conklin, Douglas, Argyle, Moosejaw, Timmins, and Hastings Place. I would like to thank my subscribers for all their support during this incredibly tough year.

Thank you also for your Christmas cards and gifts, you’ve been a real blessing this year. I wish you a Happy New Year and here’s to a better 2021. Cheers!

Reese MacDermott


Wants to have nature coverage in newspaper

Dear Editor:

Our newspaper keeps us up to date with what is important to us humans as a society, but we are missing a big segment of news vital to our wellbeing.

That is dedicated news of nature. Our lessons in 2020 have been how much we are a part of nature, how much humanity and nature need and interact with each other for survival.

Wouldn’t it be valuable to have a page of the paper dedicated to nature news, overseen by a dedicated nature editor to which adults and children alike are invited to contribute, pictures, articles and ideas for enhancing our healthy connection and appreciation of nature?

Nature is forever abounding with good news, wisdom, humour, and inspiration. Topics are unlimited.

What do you think readers, would this be a page that appeals to you and would you contribute to its success?

Patricia Kristie


Double-crossed by our leaders

Dear Editor:

We, the people of B.C. who let our Christmas celebrations pass without seeing or hugging our loved ones, should be furious with our provincial and federal governments for their double-cross and scams perpetrated on us.

While we, the gullible nice Canadian people, listen to and heed the directives and recommendations of our very lovable and competent medical experts, these same revered people are allowing the Trojan horses to roam free in our backyards.

The number of flights allowed into this province alone without proper or satisfactory testing is astonishing.

I am a very vulnerable person because of pre-existing conditions and have been in full compliance for fear of my life, assisted in my efforts by my wonderful family.

I expect no less of an effort from our duly elected leaders and their hired experts, after all I/we are paying them and their only job at the moment is to keep us safe, not bend the knee to the airline and tourist industry aided and abetted by the people who are ignoring the warnings; we know some of them personally.

If the government expect the people to take their recommendations seriously they should lead by example and monitor arrivals to our province/country or close the place down and save lives. We are doing our part — please don’t negate our efforts.

Tom Burns