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Loving legacy of Sharon Levesque

Dear Editor:

This being Volunteer Week, our community volunteers are being recognized for supporting or operating many non-profit businesses.

Non stands as tall as the late Sharon Leveque. All, and I emphasize all, her hours are detailed in the obituary in the Thursday, April 22/21 of your paper. Sharon would never let anyone focus on her personal life and her battle with cancers.

The conversation would turn to her current project, be that volunteering, with Eugene in the theatre or gathering details on an individual or team to be nominated for the Sports Hall of Fame.

We have lost a pillar in the volunteer world.

Merle Auty


Trudeau flying by the seat of his pants

Dear Editor:

Justin Trudeau’s thought process operates like a pinball machine, he’s all over the place when it comes to his mishandling of the COVID pandemic here in Canada.

Our infection rate per capita is now higher than that of the U.S., Ontario is pretty much shut down except for essential services, here in B.C. we have a provincial travel ban in place and are being told to stay at home. Most provinces are rightfully asking to have international travel restrictions tightened because variant strains of COVID are coming in from other parts of the world.

Our PM recently said if spending hundreds of millions of borrowed dollars on a gun buyback program saves just one life it’s worth it.

Nothing makes sense, Trudeau doesn’t have a plan.

He’s flying by the seat of his pants while Canada’s infection rate and deaths just keep climbing.

We desperately need a change in leadership.

Guy Bissonnette

Lake Country

Penticton is the designated patsy

Dear Editor:

In the Herald article on April 19, a frustrated Penticton Mayor John Vassilaki lashed out at the Region District Okanagan Similkameen over closing Victory Church.

“If you just brush it aside and you don’t have a little bit of a backbone to stand up for your rights and the rights of the citizens of this area, shame on you… I just don’t understand where you people are coming from or how you can sleep at night,” he said.

They sleep very well.

Penticton is the designated patsy for the homeless and destitute. Summerland can’t even be bothered to provide subsidized housing for their residents let alone soup and housing for the homeless.

The RDOS directors want Penticton on the hook for homeless shelters; subsidized housing and soup kitchens leaving their areas problem free.

Penticton will face the wrath of David Eby and big bad government alone.

The weak support shown by the RDOS will evaporate with resistance.

Remember the Musketeers motto: “One for all and all for one.” The RDOS motto should be: “We’ve shafted Penticton before and we’re going to do it again.”

The RDOS missed an opportunity to show its value as a governing body. RDOS chairwoman Karla Kozakevich made it plain when she said: “We are a product of the province and it does feel like we’re being put in a difficult situation here…”

Do you find that strange? Aren’t governing bodies hired by the electorate to resolve problems?

We need to straighten a few things out in Penticton.

The best defence is a good offence. Instead of taking the Province to court Penticton Council should tender their notice of withdrawal from the RDOS

citing their inept unsatisfactory governance and cooperation on area issues.

If the RDOS is unable to govern this area without these incessant petty little wars directed against Penticton, notice should be given of withdrawal of attendance and of financial contribution as of a certain date from this failing body: Preferably before they soak us for any more tax dollars.

We shouldn’t be anyone’s patsy.

The rest of the governing area has to take their share of responsibility for the homeless.

The RDOS needs to take financial responsibility for the free use their citizens make of our recreational facilities instead of dunning Penticton taxpayers for the costs.

Our votes need to double on this board to counteract self-serving directors combining and outvoting Penticton on issues of importance to area governance.

Elvena Slump


A’int no cure for the summertime booze

Dear Editor:

Here we go again! Booze on the beaches in Penticton (Herald, April 21).

This repeat performance under the guise of patronizing local businesses, to me, is somewhat of a joke. The fact that booze can be consumed on the beach is not going to enhance local businesses by much, if at all.

Some of these businesses already serve alcoholic beverages. If people want to have their favorite libation, they can do so as they are only a “stone’s throw away” from these “watering holes.”

Coun. Campbell Watt, the proponent of this, must lay awake at night dreaming of schemes of this nature. For some unknown reason, it seems that he may not appreciate the beauty of our beaches as they are and that alcohol consumption enhances the beach ambiance even more.

Who knows?

It would seem the idea of “booze on the beach” has not really been thoroughly researched. I wonder how many of the following statements (that we haven’t been told about, again, transparency issues) have been addressed.

• Added beach protection for swimmers etc., lifeguard necessity at an extra cost

• How do many people get to the beach? They drive, alcohol impact!

• Added costs of policing (already overburdened).

• Families with young children exposed to others consuming alcohol in public.

• Possibility of various groups being overly boisterous. What to do?

• What affect would this have on tourists, local beach events, etc.

Have taxpayers been consulted as to added costs involved? Clean up, etc.

This is only a partial list. It would seem that unless these issues have been fully addressed, there seems to be a few holes in this proposal.

It would seem that Watt, with some of his most recent ideas, could be posturing to elevate his position as a councilor to possible mayoralty candidacy next election.

Stay tuned, folks.

If you want to protect the sanctity and the serenity of our beaches, please give careful consideration to the consumption of alcohol on the beach. Make your sentiments known on or before May 4.

Ron Barillaro


Thanks for the Netflix tax

Dear Editor:

I received my ICBC rebate cheque today just after insuring my ‘82 Toyota pickup yet again. I would like to thank the B.C. government for the recently imposed Netflix tax that made all of this possible. Such vision.

Gordon Boothe


PM mishandling the pandemic

Dear Editor:

What is it with our so-called Wonder boy P.M?

During 2020 we hardly saw him on TV apart from his little morning hops down his front steps for a morning chat. Now, he seems to be popping up willy nilly with nothing really positive to say, yet again.

He promises an imminent delivery (about a million) of much- needed vaccines, but before his mic is down, one of his ministers states that the delivery is on hold. Then more excuses concerning the same problem. (Why oh why, didn’t we process our own?)

Now, the latest — on Thursday, he was “considering” placing a ban on air flights from India, because of very serious concerns over a new variant of the virus in that country, but then had a flash of common sense realizing this needs to be done now, and set in motion a 30-day ban effective from midnight that day.

Is he at last acknowledging how serious is this pandemic?

Meanwhile, several other countries had already set in motion such a ban — even to the U.K. Prime Minister several days ago telling his people that the ban is NOW and onwards.

Trudeau seems to cozy up to nations like India and Africa, giving them our taxpayers’ money, and then seemingly being afraid to upset them. Whether they like it or not, such a ban has to be implemented and made to stay for how long it takes to protect the people of Canada, who do not need to be on the receiving end of yet more new infections.

Marjorie M. Montgomery