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Penticton airport finally on Albas's radar


In a recent parliamentary question period, Conservative MP Dan Albas was deeply offended that Air Canada has cut all service to Penticton. This struck me as peculiar because recent COVID restrictions oblige all British Columbians to avoid all non-essential travel. As a result, hardly anyone is flying anywhere, including to and from Penticton.

Airline passenger demand is reportedly at 8% of fleet capacity, and less so on feeder routes. Nonetheless, Albas blamed the federal government for Penticton’s airport service cuts. How could he be unaware that COVID-related airline sector subsidies will be justifiably dependent upon refunds for cancelled flights, plus confirmation of plans for restoring regional routes?

Albas was elected as an MP serving Penticton in 2011. In a 2012 Penticton Herald interview, he claimed he had moved to West Kelowna so he could be closer to the Kelowna Airport. It appeared that Penticton’s airport wasn’t very important to him then. Many constituents suspected his real reason for relocation was that federal riding boundaries in Okanagan Similkameen were about to change, likely resulting in MP Albas’ chances for re-election becoming far less certain. Was he seeking greener political pastures?

It’s gratifying that Dan Albas has had an epiphany about the importance of Penticton’s airport to travellers, and its long-term survival.

That said, let’s hope that MP Albas’ future remarks in Parliament will be more thoughtful and constructive, especially given the generous salary and benefits afforded to him by all Canadian taxpayers.

Loraine Stephanson


Trump disgraces ducks and all wildlife


Donald Trump’s lack of shame has reached new heights by completely humiliating  the wildlife community. The president is now performing as a waddling lame duck  and accomplished quack all the while sporting a duck-tail hairdo. Shame!

Joe Schwarz


Conversion is by personal choice


Re: Column on conversion therapy by Jim Taylor (Dec. 5).

Mr. Taylor shows the weakness of the proposed law as well as his own misunderstanding. Voluntary change by personal choice is part of our basic human right as Canadian citizens.

By voting, one can change political party choice, or residence, the choice is only limited by location and ability to acquire.

Conversion is also a fundamental choice in freedom of religion. Evangelical Christians believe a personal religious conversion is essential to change from a selfish sinful lifestyle to a new life of faith in God, compassionate to others and seeking to honour by Divine enabling grace, Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord — essentially voluntary by personal choice and conviction.

This is expected of every evangelical Christian believer as an essential choice and change of life.

Conversion is essentially willingly by personal choice and conviction. Mr. Taylor cited some bizarre attempts of compulsion and monstrous dictators like Stalin or deranged leaders like Jim Jones in support of his column.

(By the way, both of these allowed some homosexuals among their followers.)

Freedom to change is essential to other basic freedoms, of life, education, communication.

This allows choice of faith and the resultant change in lifestyle.

Wesley H. Wakefield, Pastor

The Bible Holiness Movement


Angel comes to her son’s recuse


On Black Friday, our son was involved in a car accident. He and the driver of the other vehicle will recover.

We do not know the status of the other driver except that he is OK and we wish him all the best.

Our son has been in Kelowna General Hospital since that bad day, going through two surgeries and lots of pain and suffering.

My point, and the important part of this story, is that our health-care system delivered again.

As Canadians, we are so fortunate to have socialized health care and yes, that is the word. Could the Americans be so fortunate? I think not and that is sad.

Our health-care workers are dedicated and wonderful and do more than anyone could/should ever expect. In the face of our son’s dilemma, one nurse in particular stepped up. A young man by the name of “Brian,” an ardent mountain biker, came to his rescue when most needed. Our son was in such a state that he was sure he was on his way out of this world.

Lo and behold, angel Brian appeared, took charge and started talking to him. Later when we talked to our son by phone, his comment: “Brian, one of the RPN’s looking after me, saved my life. I will never forget him.”

Brian we, and all Canadians owe you and all health-care workers a big, big thank you.

Lots of love to you all.

Louise Gibson


Thanks Trevor and KGH team


This past Tuesday afternoon, I had a bad fall while walking my dogs at Shannon Lake. I broke my arm and cracked a rib. “Trevor” and his three children were there and immediately came to my assistance. The children took the dogs, and Trevor helped me to my car. They were a great example of how complete strangers help when needed. Thank you.

My wife then took me to Kelowna General Hospital emergency, where the staff took care of me promptly and efficiently. No waiting for anything, I didn’t even get to open the book I’d taken to read.

Thank you to all the staff there.

Colin Haddock

West Kelowna

Haughty attitude by Neil Godbout


Re: “Bond giving BC Liberals the leadership they need,” (Dec. 10).

I would hope that Neil Godbout would park his haughty attitude at the door when he writes his opinion columns.

Everyone is entitled to an opinion, as long as it is not intended to be harmful of others, even if it disagrees with the opinion of others.  However, Godbout feels that anyone who does not agree with his views about certain subjects to be “older, rural, less educated and whiter.”

That statement is very sweeping and as any general statement, most often wrong.  As well, in itself it is racist in nature and an intolerant view of a large segment of the population.

Duane Martin


Conspiracy theorists are doing damage


On Thursday, Dec. 10, Dr. Michael Houghton, a virologist in the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry at the University of Alberta, along with two others, was awarded a Nobel Prize for the identification of the cause of Hepatitis C.

This work has led to the reduction of deaths by the tens of thousands world wide due to Hepatitis C. I invite readers to check out videos available from a webinar presented by the U of A on Dec. 8.

My point in acknowledging this achievement is the serious danger being done by some very paranoid individuals who are spreading false information about vaccines and the COVID-19 virus. These are dangerous people because they are often very passionate, articulate and convinced of their correctness.

The question that must be asked is, “Where are you getting your information from?” In many cases, it is anonymous internet trolls.

Governments and research facilities around the world are pouring millions, if not billions, into finding vaccines and cures for a myriad of illnesses. Researchers are sharing their work, letting others know what worked and didn’t work. New procedures have been developed since the SARs outbreak of the early 2000s. Our federal government has been acknowledged for its foresight in securing millions of doses from a variety of sources.

People must understand that 95% efficacy rate means that the vaccines will not work in 100% of the cases. Further, there will be reactions to the vaccines which may be quite uncomfortable for a while and vaccines may cause an allergic reaction. We must not allow the conspiracy theorists to exploit those instances as proof of the dangers and ineffectiveness of vaccines.

Dr. Houghton is unquestionably supportive of the processes and the results of the work done to solve the effects of the COVID-19 virus. His support is based upon decades of actual work in the area of viruses, not the pseudo-science of the paranoid.

David Gunderson


Meaningless words of Biden


The “Wise Words” on the front page of the Dec. 5 edition of The Daily Courier was a Joe Biden quote: “Leadership, at its core, in my view, is about being personal.”

What on earth does that mean?

In studying management, I have read many definitions of leadership, none of which bear any resemblance to that nonsense.

Biden has no concept of leadership. Brought up in the debates, and verified by various sources, is the fact that Biden was never a leader. His 47-year career in politics was characterized by a “go with the flow and keep getting re-elected.”

He never exhibited leadership.

Unfortunately, it appears that the United States is saddled with this figurehead for four years, if he lasts that long.

Biden’s words were not wise but rather were quite meaningless, as was his political career.

Bob Sherman


More praise for health-care staff


In life, one never knows what is dealt you when sickness raises its ugly head. I have just completed five weeks in one of the David Kampe towers at Penticton Regional Hospital.

There a many people to thank for the excellent care I and others received. The angels (nurses), orderlies and especially Dr. Jack Kooy, who worked tireless to keep me going and pulled one last rabbit out of the top hat to keep me around for this festive season.

No job was too big or too small. The nurses who come to change the dressings once a week are first class.

Thank you all and last, but not least, my tower of strength, the one I love, my wife, Anna.

R.C. Van Blerk