Health minister Adrian Dix speaks as provincial health officer Dr. Bonnie Henry looks on during a press conference at the Legislature in Victoria, Wednesday, Sept. 9, 2020.

Fan letter to the trio of Dix, Henry, Tam

Dear Editor:

If it has not been said before, I thought of a moniker for Adrian Dix, Dr. Bonnie Henry and Dr. Theresa Tam — “Horgan’s Heroes.” Bravo to them.

Ilse Erwig


Kindness, honesty of Good Samaritan

Dear Editor:

I would like to thank the good Samaritan who turned in my lost purse to the Kelowna SuperStore on Monday, Dec. 14. Everything was returned including my cash, credit cards and ID.

Thank you for your honesty and Christmas spirit. Your karma bank is full. As a way of saying thank you, I have made a donation to the Central Okanagan Food Bank.

D. Hamilton


Stop the cover-up on residential schools

Dear Editor:

This is the story of St. Anne’s Residential School in Fort Albany, Ont.

I’ve been following this story with member of Parliament Charlie Angus for a long time.

Attorney General David Lametti may be contemplating an obstruction of justice by destroying documents that are still relevant to the multiple court cases for compensation for the former residents (CBC, Dec. 14).

The feds are hiding people and dragging this out by making up procedural steps to keep it in the courts for as long as they can. It’s a travesty.Who are they hiding and why?

The Liberal government’s Constitution was written by lawyers for lawyers. Read it, it’s obvious.

Why do the courts need proof anyway? Do they think they’re lying?

Everything they tell us is true, including eating their own vomit. Does that offend people? Just talking about it makes people uncomfortable.

I was at St. Anne’s Academy in Victoria when I was between ages 6 and 8. We didn’t have to eat vomit, just sit next to it and finish our breakfast.

Humiliation was the name of the game.

The nuns would make the kids laugh at one of them until they cried. Having a nun walk up behind me made me catatonic.

This is minuscule compared to what was done in those residential schools. I always knew that my parents loved me and I was there for a reason, but the residential school children were told that their parents didn’t want them and that they were not allowed to speak their own language.

Much worse was done and there was no intention of educating them (that’s an arrogant concept anyway).

To even attempt to whitewash this experience, as the ultra-Conservative, Erin O’Toole and quite a few in his caucus does, is despicable.

Donna Stocker


TV news overkill on vaccine story

Dear Editor:

I would like to share a Christmas wish.

It would sure be nice to have at least one television news broadcast — such as the Global News at 5:30 and 6 p.m. — free of the repetition of this ongoing daily nuisance, namely the pandemic and who will be first in line for a vaccine.

I’m still searching for a channel free of coverage of this pandemic nuisance, however there isn’t one.

Fortunately, there’s always my copy of the Penticton Herald or a good book.

Enough is enough of the same-old, same-old repeated 24/7 along with the adventures of Donald Trump.

Give the public a break from this news. We have been brainwashed with too many flip flops on what’s good today but then turfed tomorrow.

It’s impossible to vaccinate all people on earth, yet alone thinking the entire world can be sanitized.

The chances are about the same as jelly sticking to a wall.

Giving precious vaccine first to old people like me is another joke because we are on the last leg of life’s journey.

Tom Isherwood


Innerfaith messages: hope, peace, healing

Dear Editor:

I hope you are surviving and thriving during this pandemic. Many residents of the Central Okanagan are not.

This is a stressful time of year made even more difficult because of the global pandemic we are experiencing with all of its side effects felt by everyone.

I have been involved with an Interfaith group in Kelowna for a number of years. This year we have — like everyone else — met via Zoom. We had the idea to create messages of hope, peace and healing, especially for those in our community that are really struggling. So each of the faith groups put together a short five-minute message on video to share with the community at large and within their own congregations. These videos have been combined into a single video as a gift to those that are struggling.

If you are interested I have placed the individual videos along with the combined single video on a YouTube channel, from YouTube search “Kelowna Interfaith” and you will be able to see the videos.

We would like to find a way to reach those who are struggling to provide an uplift through this video, especially during what’s the most mentally-difficult time of the year, in a most difficult year.

Gordon Oliver


Hire more bylaw, fine all non-maskers

Dear Editor:

I had a knee-jerk reaction to your story about the anti-masker who has ties with a white supremacist,’ that ran on the front page of the Dec. 17 edition.

The organizer was fined $2,300 and approximately 70 people rallied. My suggestion would be for the city to hire several new by-law officers and fine all the participants, it would cover off the cost of their salaries. From what I could see in the photograph provided, none of them wore masks and none of them social distanced.

I cannot understand why this is blatantly being allowed.

Laurinda Dorn


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