Editor's Notebook

James Miller is managing editor of The Herald

This "Editor's Notebook" column appeared in the print edition of The Penticton Herald Friday, March 10, 2023.

It’s unfortunate that a Drag Queen Story Time event had to be postponed in Nelson after protesters were planning on picketing the outside steps of the community library.

While peaceful demonstration certainly has its place in Canada, a library should always be a safe, family-friendly place that offers inclusion and a welcoming environment.

A library is a space that promotes literacy and lifelong learning.

Having your four-year old cross a picket line of demonstrators seems a bit harsh.

I’m surprised there’s objection in Nelson, a community renowned for being chill.

For those upset about Drag Story Time, there are other options available such as writing to your local library board. Or, better still, stay home. It’s ultimately a parental decision which library activities they wish to have their children participate in.


A belated Happy International Women’s Day to all the incredible women in our community and to the phenomenal women who I work with.


Just so you know: The Kelowna Daily Courier and Penticton Herald are among the hundreds of newspapers to drop Dilbert from its comics page. In its place we offer Pickles. It’s really funny. Enjoy!


One of our regulars in letters to the editor has passed away. Joy Lang from Penticton usually wrote on social issues, sometimes offering rebuttals to other writers. Whether you agreed or disagreed with Joy’s opinions, you had to admire her writing style. It was beautiful.

She understood the best way to make a point is with fewer words. When a writer babbles on, they often lose their audience.


The Penticton Scottish Festival is presenting Play It Forward, a Celtic Thanks to COVID First Responders Saturday at the Cleland Theatre in Penticton beginning at 7 p.m.

The entertainment includes six-time world champion Simon Fraser University Pipe Band, The Malarkeys, High Water Drum Group, Castilla Irish Dance School, Emily MacDonald School of Highland Dance and the Vale United Pipe Band.

Tickets are free but must be ordered in advance from: pentictonscottishfestival.ca

As for the main attraction, the one-day festival returns to King’s Park on Saturday, July 1. Tickets are available on the website.


Sheriffs in Oliver, along with Mounties, B.C. paramedics and local firefighters all took their annual plunge into a bath of freezing water as a fundraiser for Special Olympics. In total, more than $1,200 was raised.


Hey, it’s Academy Awards weekend. My fearless picks on who’s going to win on Sunday are published on Page B4 of today’s edition in a bonus Miller Time column. Streaming services, although not the same as enjoying a movie in the theatre, make it easier to see the Oscar contenders. (For online readers, the column is attached.)


Should you receive a strange message from a “James Miller” who looks like me from Facebook Messenger, I’ve been hacked. Please “block sender” and report it as spam. I don’t want anyone to have their account compromised or, worse still, giving money or revealing personal information.


Spring ahead this weekend. Don’t forget to turn your clocks ahead one hour for Daylight Saving Time before going to bed on Sunday.

James Miller is managing editor of The Penticton Herald. To contact the writer email: james.miller@ok.bc.ca