I will be so happy once Monday comes and goes and the federal election is finally over.

I’m pleased it was a short election cycle and not the 78-day marathon that we all had to endure in 2015. I couldn’t stand it.

With elections, unless the outcome is a foregone conclusion, people are generally uptight.

Maybe it’s because of COVID fatigue or just a lousy summer, but this campaign set a new standard for nastiness... and it wasn’t coming from the candidates.

I will use my riding of South Okanagan-West Kootenay as an example. I can’t comment on the others, although I’m sure it’s been much of the same.

For those who are angry — I prefer to describe them as “passionate” — please remember this one impartial observation.

I’ve known Richard Cannings and Helena Konanz both for more than a decade. I like them. They’re both nice people. They’re both genuine. They have a sincere desire to serve the community.

I don’t know Ken Robertson and Tara Howse as well, but I have met with them before and got to know them through hosting all-candidate forums. Like the two perceived front runners, they’re fine people.

Whoever wins locally and, for that matter nationally, it won’t change my daily routine. On Tuesday, I will get up around 6 a.m., take Milo out to pee, grab breakfast, clean myself up, kiss my wife, stop in for takeout coffee and begin my work day.

Just like any other day.

The sun will come out on Tuesday morning whether Canadians elect a Liberal or Conservative government, a minority or majority.

This campaign I’ve declined more letters to the editor (something I seldom do) because they were vicious attacks — not criticisms or thoughtful observations.

And please “pro-freedom” people, stop comparing COVID with Nazi Germany and the Holocaust. I don’t offend easily, but... that’s offensive.

On the national stage, as a Canadian, you have the right to picket the prime minister. But when protesters start tossing gravel at Justin Trudeau, it’s gone too far.

Similarily, I watched in horror in Nanaimo Square when a Penticton street person hurled racist attacks along with pro-Donald Trump remarks at NDP leader Jagmeet Singh and members of his team.

As Canadians, we can do better.

With this being our final print edition before election day, I thank all of the candidates up and down the valley who offered their names for consideration.

Running for office is time consuming, stressful, takes time away from your family and opens one to harsh criticism.

On election night, visit The Herald and Daily Courier websites for coverage on the local races.

In closing, I encourage everybody to vote on Monday, if you haven’t done so already.

Two million registered Democrats stayed home on election day in November 2015 because they were convinced Hillary Clinton was going to win by a landslide. Trump got his vote out and ultimately won.

Your vote does matter.

James Miller is managing editor of The Penticton Herald.