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Veteran grateful to be invited by fire department

Dear Editor:

I wish to convey my sincere gratitude to the Penticton Fire Department, especially Chief Larry Watkinson. On 9/11 this year, I was invited to join and march with their colour party.

Being a past colour sergeant for the B.C. Command of The Army, Navy & Air Force Veterans in Canada, I was part of the memorial ride held each year at the Peace Arch border crossing.

Our committee sponsored four New York firefighters to attend every 9/11; these were men who actually survived that day.

Because this gesture was so overwhelming to them, some attempted to speak of that horrific day for the first time. They were then free to visit Vancouver for the week.

Since moving to Penticton in 2016, I tried to continue my support by going to our local fire hall every 9/11 and bringing my Flag of Honour, which has on it all 2,753 names of those who perished that day.

The bravery of the 343 firefighters who were lost that day goes beyond words. It was estimated that they saved thousands of lives by literally climbing stairs of over 90 storeys in full gear.

As the two towers tumbled to the ground they took with them the heroes of 9/11 – Lest we forget.

Bob Rietveld,


Playing with guns can prove to be fatal

Dear Editor:

Re: Accidental shooting by movie star Alec Baldwin.

By all means America, keep playing with your guns!

Donna Schellenberg,


This cyclist appreciates city’s new bike path

Dear Editor:

I would like to express my gratitude for the vision and dedication of those behind the creation of the new Martin/Fairview cycle path.

Each time I use it, I am reminded what an incredible difference it makes to be able to ride in a protected lane that actually gets you safely and quickly where you need to go.

This week I used it to do some downtown shopping, visit a friend, attend a medical appointment, and go to the library. The bike lane makes a real, positive contribution to my life in our community.

As a taxpayer and a senior I am grateful for it and look forward to its completion!

Derek Evans,


Let’s hope new defence minister is competent

Dear Editor:

The 2021 federal election cost over $600-million, but that might end up being a small price to pay if the new ringmaster, defence minister Anita Anand, can bring disciplined and empathetic leadership to the three-ring circus that Harjit Sajjan has been running at Canadian Armed Forces headquarters.  

The prime minister didn’t have the gumption to replace his defence minister for six years; another one of Trudeau’s numerous errors in judgment.

Hopefully it wasn’t because Trudeau and Sajjan didn’t realize that many members of the old guard would be reluctant to open the curtains wide on sexual assaults because some of them, and some of their friends and associates, would have been caught with their, shall we say, pants down.

Apparently the Canadian military has received more than 700 sexual assault reports since 2016. The only way to regain the trust of female military personnel is to have outside investigators dealing with these kinds of charges and be backed up with unbiased accountability. Why is it taking so long?

It won’t be easy to turn old attitudes around because sex makes the world go round, just ask any marketing manager, movie/television producer, pornography publisher or song writer.

Canadians have a great deal of respect for members of the military and take pride in their international reputation for competence, compassion and courage. Our men and women in uniform deserve that same competence, compassion and courage from their leaders.

Lloyd Atkins,


Start the Biden impeachment process now

Dear Editor:

U.S. President Joe Biden lied; he said no one will be left behind. With thousands of U.S. citizens trapped behind enemy lines in Afghanistan 72 days since the last plane out and 56 days since Biden even mentioned the Americans left behind.

So far, this year 1.7 million migrants have illegally crossed the Mexican border into the U.S.

The Biden administration hasn’t done a thing about it, other than let people into the U.S. without a COVID test.

I am wondering why the media isn’t reporting any of these concerns I have. I am not an American but our soldiers and U.S. soldiers have fought in many battles in the pursuit of freedom, justice and fair play.

The U.S. is our biggest trading partner as well. Biden is in dereliction of duty and needs to be held to account now, not in 2024.

When America gets the sniffles, Canada catches a nasty cold.

Previous presidents have been impeached for less. Under Biden’s watch, more people have died of the COVID-19 virus.

Former president Donald Trump’s excellent Operation Warp Speed was a gift to Biden’s incompetent groups of idiots.

Biden dropped the ball.

Increasing taxes in both Canada and the U.S., inflation spiking, human rights being diminished every day, the media asking what I would call “softball questions” to liberal politicians (Joe Biden and Justin Trudeau).

Enough is enough. Rise up start asking tough questions to the ruling elite.

Doug Rosen,


Realist’s approach would overwhelm health system

Dear Editor:

Re: “Sure some people will die, but they … would have anyway,” letter by Steve Friedman, Oct. 26

There is little or no realism to this “realist.”

All the functions he lists are actions of a society of which he appears to be a member. The actions mentioned do not appear to be solo endeavours, so he is not just making assumptions for himself but society as a whole.

You can tell by the 90% vaccination rate that most people are certainly not willing to go along with this “do nothing and accept death” mentality when there is a wonderful injection developed by the very society that he is throwing to the pandemic beast.

The scenario today if we had responded to COVID-19 as he suggests is as follows: Hospitals full of COVID patients, ICUs overfull and people dying needlessly, doctors and nurses being broken and having to quit, mortuaries unable to keep up with the dead so bodies are stored in freezer units. People scared to go out or to work.

Following his logic I am sure that he would never have been to a doctor, has never had antibiotics — either IV or orally — has never had vaccinations (even to travel to another country requiring them) never had an operation or suturing of a wound (talk about bodily integrity) never took any drugs or herbs to heal himself, nor would he help someone else out of danger if he perceived possible harm to himself no matter how remote.

That is what appears to be his realism by his writing. His statement “life not at any cost’ really says that an injection is too expensive to save many, many lives and that he feels empowered to risk his neighbour’s life and wellbeing nonchalantly.

Barrie Pelland,


Someone’s got questions about vaccine mandates

Dear Editor:

On behalf of citizens, families and people too intimidated to speak up or question the government imposed mandates and directives. On behalf of the businesses ordered to mandate passports to operate without penalty, people who are pro-choice, those who are double vaccinated just to keep their jobs or to live their lives without restrictions, those who have been totally compliant with all orders but are still restricted and lastly for all of those people vaccinated and still living in fear, please answer the following questions:

Where do the health mandates and orders originate from? Who is directing Mr. Trudeau and Dr. Tam to enforce them. Are there biased, external  influencers with financial interests? What is the profit to the pharmaceutical industry?

What is the purpose of the vaccine passport? Is it to protect the vaccinated?  Is it to protect the unvaccinated? Is it in place as an incentive to be vaccinated?  Is it a restrictive measure for the un-vac

Why are we vaccinating healthy, low-risk population, especially children, if it does not reduce transmission? 

How many “vaccines” will be required per year per person. 

Are we doing antibody testing to see who has natural immunity? Is natural immunity from the recovered cases included in the percentage of total herd immunity?  Why is natural immunity not recognized or accepted?

As family members, are we consulted in the treatment of our loved ones admitted to hospital with a COVID-19 diagnosis?  What is the standard treatment protocol given to front line workers?

Are serious adverse reactions to the shots accurately reported?  Do we really know the long term safety of the shots?

As one MD, virologist, immunologist and mRNA vaccine inventor is quoted as saying about the COVID pandemic: “In the fog of war, we have moved forward too quickly, they just don’t have the data and the safety has not been recognized with this product.”

Over the past 20 months, we have been directed by our government to lock down, shut down, isolate, not to socialize or gather, sing, worship or travel. We have gone from “having enough vaccines for those who want them” to segregating those who don’t. Families are not only being restricted from where they can go, what they can do but now losing their jobs and being refused simple basic human rights. 

Enough is enough and we are standing up for our freedoms and rights, vaccinated or not. 

Shelley Eberle,


Editor’s note: Robert Malone, who calls himself the inventor of mRNA vaccines, was known to have done key experiments that helped advance research in the late 1980s, but how important his role was in the development of mRNA vaccines 30-plus years later is in dispute.

Virus situation isn’t getting better

Dear Editor:

First, let me state I am fully vaccinated as are all of my friends. I will not hesitate to get the COVID-19 booster shot when available.

However, as I watch the almost-daily COVID-19 reports, I can’t help but wonder: Are we really any better off than we were last October when almost nobody was vaccinated?

I recall watching the case numbers and the number of deaths reported and it seems to me that it is worse now than it was a year ago. I see Dr. Bonnie Henry and B.C. Health Minister Adrian Dix starting to avoid the limelight they seemed to thrive on for many of the past months.

Whereby in the past, Dr. Bonnie ruled the province with a velvet fist, she now has dumped responsibilities for health restrictions on the different health regions. I recall being told that when we reached 80% vaccination rate, we would be at herd immunity and life as we once knew it would return to normal. We are far past that 80% rate. What happened?

The Delta variant gets blamed, but we are told the vaccines we received are effective against it. Well, other countries such as Britain have moved past restrictions and realized they simply need to learn to live with this virus. We are still under multiple restrictions that negatively impact our lives.

We are also still subjected to TV news focused on COVID-19 for a large percentage of the broadcast, with no questioning as to why the present death rate is so high. It’s time journalists in all media get answers for us all.

Andy Richards,


Climate change could make us another Venice

Dear Editor:

High-density construction together with climate change could submerge Penticton’s present floating city status to that as Canada's very own Venice.

Italian would be a great third language, blending in with the wine industry. Terrific for tourism and resolving the city bicycle route question, too!

Joe Schwarz,