Disney+ Broadway Musical Showcase

Disney+ Broadway Musical Showcase, presented by Soundstage Productions opened Wednesday, Jan. 18, 2023 at the Penticton Lakeside Resort. Performing a number that originated from Mary Hoppins are, from left, Haven Gin, Jamie Doll and Jude Bentham.

Amazing job by Soundstage team

Dear Editor:

I would like to thank everyone involved with the Soundstage Disney production for bringing such joy to our community in grey January (Herald, Page 1, Jan. 19).

Wow! The local talent is incredible. The hours of work put into this production shows in its excellence. The costumes and set changes were so well executed. The whole show was blended together so beautifully. Cheers to the kids who were so professional. I was taken away for a couple of hours and throughly enjoyed every second.

Thanks to Soundstage and the Lakeside resort for an unforgettable evening.

Shannon Ferlizza


And now, the other side of the story

Dear Editor:

“Two minutes results in fine of $111.50” (Herald letters, Jan. 21) seems fantastical.

For the official to show up, write a ticket and disappear in less than two minutes would be a record. The driver should consider herself lucky to not get more serious charges for leaving a running vehicle unattended. Anyone could have gone for a very serious joyride causing injury or death.

You are not the innocent victim here, you are the problem.

S.I. Petersen


A question on the existence of life

Dear Editor:

In the world of mystery is the behaviour of climate change a message?

Joe Schwarz


Bike lane problem is with its design

Dear Editor:

Me thinks that Leda Carter has misread most of the “cycling critics” in her denunciating rant in letters to the editor (Herald, Jan. 21).

If I read things correctly, most observers do not condemn the idea of bike lanes. It is the reckless design of the lake-to-lake routing that most are bellyaching about. It is unsafe to all concerned, bikers and drivers alike. Why it wasn’t routed along the Channel Parkway is for that matter something that should be under investigation?

My first wife and I are currently hibernating in Mazatlan, Mexico and are making regular use of a well-designed and constructed bike lane and walking path. Would bet your bottom dollar that the cost of this lane was nowhere close to what we have spent in Penticton.

The architects of our white elephant ought to board a plane and venture down here to see how things are done proper.

Paul Crossley


Bike lane rammed through to public

Dear Editor:

It is interesting how some must resort to insults to get their point across. It is a shame that Leda Carter has missed the boat on the core issue of the bike critics.

It has nothing to do with the benefits of bikes versus cars or climate change.

It has to do with spending millions of dollars of taxpayer money without approval of the taxpayer. The bike lane was rammed through in a sham process.

The former council and city staff went out of their way to create a process to avoid a public referendum on the issue. A “yes” vote of tiny fraction of the population is used as overwhelming support. It was like asking 10 people out of 35,000 and seven of them are part of the cycling club.

They rammed this through without true public consent of a multimillion-dollar project. Their own community plan has a projected cost of more than $25 million for bike lanes.

The South Okangaan Events Centre was $80 million and a referendum was put to the public. This city is now living through what happens when a self-righteous council ignores the will of the public.

Mayor Julius Bloomfield and Coun. Campbell Watt were part of the ground zero Victory Church fiasco. The public overwhelming told them no.

Instead, they approved a wet facility in our downtown core. This decision has led to the crisis our city faces today. The critics of the bike lane have always been about the process to spend millions of taxpayer dollars without the true input of the public. It makes no difference as to what the money is spent on — bike lanes, fence posts, etc.

The former city council borrowed from the surplus of the electrical reserve in the past year to pay for unapproved pet projects. How about an audit of where this money was spent as the city staff are all crying poverty in the electrical funding?

I would suggest to Leda Carter that she know what the argument is about, otherwise I refer you the following words. "It is better to be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.”

Mike Hawley


Ownership is the Canucks’ downfall

Dear Editor:

With all due respect to Bruce Boudreau, what does it matter if his numbers stack up with the best? Vancouver has used up players like Pavel Bure, Thomas Gradin, Stan Smyl, Richard Brodeur, Trevor Linden, Harold Snepts and yet newer teams have taken the cup whereas Vancouver never has.

Why did Vancouver fail to win a Stanley Cup even with Mark Messier?

I think Vancouver has proved that it takes more than a Stanley Cup champion leader to take a Vancouver team to the finals and win it. I would argue that bad ownership from Day 1, lack of understanding of what it takes to win, poor drafting and trading and poor sportsmanship ultimately have hampered every single Vancouver Canucks team from their beginning.

Patrick Longworth


War or climate will destroy our planet

Dear Editor:

Which will bring the end of Planet Earth — war or loss of climate?

I have to wonder if today’s youth needs to bother about planning for the future. The call to circle the wagons has only had the words changed to, “Prepare yourself for a nuke sandwich.”

One war should be enough for anybody to go through. Sadly mankind has not, and never will, get along as long as the grass appears greener in another’s backyard.

Supplying more weapons only guarantees continuous devastation and death in the Ukraine. This is only increasing the thoughts of Russia combined with retaliation power to destroy whatever is left of Planet Earth.

Strangely I believe in a 10-cent white flag indicating truce, thus allowing peace talks among all countries involved.

I don’t recall Russia supporting the United States in Afghanistan, Vietnam or North Korea with the U.S. being slightly late for the second one which I attended with perfect attendance and still feel the pain 80-plus years later.

However, I do recall Russia advising against the war in Afghanistan that lasted 20 years and with no winner.

Justin Trudeau has no idea what an average life takes to survive and isn’t helping Canada by one iota by playing the game monkey do what monkey sees.

Squandering taxpayer money and keeping your own as many politicians appear to do is BS and “porkitical” hell is waiting.

Today I bet Canada couldn’t fight its way out of a paper bag without big buddy’s interference.

There’s more to this letter, but why bother as frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn.

Tom Isherwood


Opposed to patio application

Dear Editor:

The closing date for submission of public concerns regarding the endorsement of the outdoor patio at Bad Tattoo Brewing is Tuesday, Jan. 31, just seven days away. The notice was received in the mail Jan. 18.

In fairness to the many snowbirds who travel south to warmer climates during the winter months, city council should consider extending the written submission date to March 15, 2023 so all residents can be included in a decision of this magnitude. The patio sits in the 100 block of Winnipeg Street which is zoned residential.

The occupancy load of 150 persons, operating 12 hours a day until 11 p.m., seven days a week with weekly concerts and zumba classes with amplified music through five speakers across a patio of approximately 50 feet, is of great concern to local residents and owners.

Additional submission time should be granted as noted above.

C.Otto Knaak