Dear Editor:

Thank you for this week’s online candidate questions (roll shutters and urban deer: which allowed me to somewhat winnow down the field of council candidates.

When I see candidates disdaining to respond to questions that are of obvious relevance to a large number of voters, I start to detect some unpleasant aromas. Where is the transparency, openness and accountability that we keep hearing so much about?

The straight-shooting? The responsiveness to we, the ignorant hoi polloi? You know them, the catch-phrases, buzz words and clichés beloved by talking heads everywhere.

Ducking questions or obfuscating the answers is something that we’ve come to expect from Ottawa and Victoria; we don’t need that crap here.

Arrogant paternalism and petulance will not resolve the issues the town faces, so scratch them off the list.

Many people in this town are afraid of change because they know at the end of the line there’s a great big final change coming. Well, sorry to burst your bubble folks, but that change will come.

Keeping things the same today will not stave off tomorrow.

We all remember those “good old days’ with fondness, because time heals all wounds, but we can’t live in the past, we can only learn from it.

Try to avoid the inevitable future and time will surely wound all heels.

It’s time to give the kids a chance, it’s going to be their world anyway. They will take it regardless, so we might as well give it to them gracefully.

Lord knows they can’t make a worse hash of it than we have.

Don Grant


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