Erin O'Toole

Conservative leader Erin O'Toole, Rebecca O'Toole and children Jack and Mollie watch early election results at party election night head quarters Monday, September 20, 2021 in Oshawa, Ont.

Conservatives need to dump Erin O'Toole

Dear Editor:

James Miller is right. Erin O’Toole needs to go (Herald, Sept. 24).

I always follow the same set of two-part rules when voting. The party, if it has a good leader, and the candidate in my riding, if I believe he will serve our area well.

In South Okanagan-West Kootenay, I could not support Erin O’Toole so I looked to other candidates. There were too many negatives around Richard Cannings irresponsibility towards constituents. A candidate must be more than likeable.

I voted for Helena Konanz. Despite the baggage she carries, going back to the Skaha Lake debacle, I know she would have worked hard and been a credit to the area constituents. Dan Albas sets a fine example of how all MPs should work for their constituents needs. Cannings should work towards that goal.

Konanz lost twice and it is now time for her to step down. In my opinion Pentictonites have not forgiven or forgotten her role in Skaha Lake/Trio disaster.

Some mistakes you cannot overcome.

I was against O’Toole from the beginning. I believe that opinion has now been proved correct by the recent events. O’Toole campaigned for party leadership as a blue conservative. During the election he ran as Liberal lite; selling out Conservatives in a vain attempt to capture the massive 905 (Toronto area) vote. He failed miserably.

The recent events are as follows: A Conservative party executive said a petition was needed to remove O’Toole from office. The Conservative Party’s reaction was to shut down the central voter database in an attempt to deny access which would have enabled the membership to be contacted to sign such a petition.

In the meantime, a Conservative Party executive is sending out an email to its members asking them to sign a petition supporting Erin O’Toole.

This extreme disrespect for the rights of Conservative party members shows how far a desperate leader will go attempting to stay in power.

If the Conservative party wants to know whether the membership supports Erin O’Toole they should not be resorting to underhanded tactics.

They should have a leadership review allowing the membership to support him or not.

O’Toole’s indifference to the principles of freedom and democracy has been compounded by his betrayal of the Conservative members who deserve

better. We do not live in a dictatorship. How this ends is anyone’s guess. I see nothing by shame and ignominy for O’Toole.

Elvena Slump


Media must quit covering protests

Dear Editor:

In 1962-1963, a religious sect marched from Nelson to Vancouver and proceeded to protest their cause for several months, occupying a square in the busy downtown area. Their protests did nothing for their cause, but became a huge disruption to the city.

At some point the editors of the local papers met and decided to stop all coverage of their protests. The group left after three days of no publicity and took their group back to the Kootenay.

Protesters only seek publicity. Cut off that resource and their cause becomes pointless.

Anne Bell


Election result gives Liberals some room to get things done

Dear Editor:

The good thing I can see from this election is that the re-elected Liberal minority government has weakened the footing of the Conservatives and the NDP in parliament, giving them less room to oppose Liberal legislation or threaten non-confidence votes.

Liberals held what the seats they had and were given a clear preference for their platform by voters and now can use this mandate to squeeze the opposition by saying clearly Canadians want us to work together.

Before the election, the Conservatives and NDP used their leverage in House committees to press the Liberals on several fronts, objecting to spending measures, investigating the WE charity and calling for unredacted documents related to the two scientists from the high security disease laboratory, among other things – but, clearly, delay and obstruction is not working together.

I disagree that this election result was the status quo. The biggest winner in this election is Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

It appears that nothing has changed, but everything has changed. The seats are the same, but the dynamics are entirely different.

Now, if there is another election in 18 months, we’ll be sure to realize then, the cause is opposition’s refusal to co-operate and work together for all Canadians.

Jon Peter Christoff,

West Kelowna