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Sascha Heist is a Penticton gamer who has been reviewing video games for The Herald since 2009.

Xbox Game Pass is always a great deal for parents and gamers alike. January is another great month.

One of the best games collections ever is coming to Game Pass Ultimate. As of Jan. 6, players could download and play remastered versions of Mass Effect trilogy.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition shows what a remastered collection should be. With upgraded visuals and revamped controls, this collection is a can’t miss even if you played the games years ago.

Also coming to Game Pass is Gorogoa, a puzzle game, and Olija. Ember and Outer Wilds arrived Jan. 6. Spelunky 2 and The Anacrusis arrived this week. Pupperazzzi and Rainbow Six Siege will hit the service on Jan. 20.

Game Pass offers gamers a ton of value for around $14 a month for Game Pass Ultimate. Besides the games on the service, subscribers also have EA Access, which offers a ton of EA titles like Madden, FIFA, Battlefield, and more. Subscribers can also get free trials to play new EA titles.

A new addition just announced to the Game Pass service is Ubisoft Plus. Ubisoft Plus covers around 100 titles like the new Far Cry 6, Assassin’s Creed and Rainbow Six. Ubisoft didn’t give an exact date that the service is being added to Game Pass but the first big title, Rainbow Six Extraction, is coming on Jan. 20. There isn’t a better time to join the service now.

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