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The Last of Us Part 2 is a third-person adventure game that continues the story of Ellie with new game play, enemies, blood-curdling screams and more. It’s a must-buy experience.

The game takes place years after Joel and Ellie escaped the fireflies and found a community.

The game has the same emotional kicks to the gut the first game had. You will have a ton of moments where you question everything.

Players continue Ellie’s story by exploring different locations through the game’s story. Ellie is controlled with the left thumb stick with the player moving realistically.

The voice acting is top notch. Every character makes the dialog and emotions seem authentic. The human enemies responding to finding other bodies will send out a call for reinforcements. The game’s infected are more terrifying then the humans. These infected have a certain scream and call that will leave shivers running down your spine.

The game’s visuals look fantastic. The game has new lighting on surfaces, making reflections look realistic. Water and snow effects are also new, making ripples in the water when entering water and your player leave imprints of snow complete with weight of the character.

The sun shines through windows and cracks in buildings making the light look astonishingly real. The enemy models, whether humans or infected, look terrifying. You’d be hard pressed to find better scenes in any game.

The game will take you through buildings and more open areas. In open areas, players can hide behind objects providing you cover and getting you out of the sight line of enemies.

On normal difficulty, the game makes every encounter a tense experience. You really have to pay attention to your resources, whether bullets or other supplies.

Since supplies are limited, you have to constantly decide the best way of dealing with each different situation. Players will have to use cover and distraction to their advantage. Picking up a bottle or brick and tossing it to make an enemy look elsewhere will provide an opening for you.

Human enemies will search and call in help if they spot you in an area. There is a large variety of different enemies from different humans and tons of new infected that will test all the skills you learned so far. I found the infected more terrifying then the humans, though both offer a different challenge.

All the weaponry you use from guns to melee weaponry all have the punch you would expect. Melee attacks are close and gruesome.

As you progress in the story, you’ll be able to upgrade weapons and create new items. The game will take most players around 12 hours to finish with me clocking in at 30 hours exploring everywhere.

The great thing is no matter if it’s hour three or 11 the game offers new locations to explore and the same tense encounters.

The Last of Us Part 2 offers gamers a compelling story, fresh game play and a variety of different enemies to keep each encounter fresh. It’s a must buy.


Contact Sascha at sggall@telus.net with gaming questions and more.

On Xbox One : acehardy13

On PSN: acehardy13