“Character is king,” is a line that both my family and church community hear me repeat often.

The people who choose not to get vaccinated should not be shamed or persecuted. Nobody changes their mind when someone is shouting at them or ridiculing them. If you’re sincerely trying to change the mind of someone who is hesitant or outright refusing to be vaccinated, start with listening …

This week the prime minister created a bit of a stir in Ottawa when he announced his latest sound bite; that Canadians can enjoy a “one-dose summer.”

I was way too optimistic in thinking the pro-disease anti-vaxxers had mostly gone away.

I was present at a talk recently given by British Columbia’s Seniors’ Advocate, Isobel Mackenzie. Given all the media focus that seniors in long-term care received during the pandemic, I was anxious to learn what she sees as the major challenges facing seniors in the coming decade.

This week has been World Immunization Week. Although, given the COVID-19 pandemic sweeping the world, it feels more like World Immunization Year.

It is disappointing, to put it mildly, that Canada’s political leaders have taken so long to get serious about travel restrictions during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Sunday night’s Academy Awards telecast had its moments — a celebration of diversity, small films being recognized, the charming setting of a railway station.

The federal budget is in. As presented by Finance Minister Christia Freeland last week, the budget expects to run a $354 billion — yes, that’s billion — deficit for the current fiscal year.

Forgive me for having a high school flashback, but one of my favourite rock/pop songwriters — top three, for sure — died this week. Jim Steinman was 73.

There are many sizes of dogs, but I have a habit of slotting all of them into big dogs and little dogs.


Even if 80% or more of the population eventually gets vaccinated against COVID-19 and its many variants and we approach so-called “herd immunity,” it does not follow that those not vaccinated will never contract or spread what may be a fatal illness.