By far the largest consumption of natural gas occurs in the northern portions of the Northern Hemisphere. This is where the location away from the warmer southern climates, and the location in the interior of large land masses, result in large consumptions of natural gas for heating.


When community relations manager Debra Saunders was working on bios for the Summerland Seniors Village newsletter, she spent significant time interviewing Les Johnson, a long-time Summerlander who had recently celebrated a milestone birthday.

What does it feel like, to live in fear? Not the short-term fear, that an oncoming car won’t stop in time. The long-term, constant fear that you, through no fault of your own, are a target for violence. Just because of who you are.


As we think about the message of Easter, let me share a couple of illustrations that Christians believe about Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday.

With Mars now the most intensively explored planet in the Solar System after ours, it is not surprising that we are continually having to review our ideas and preconceptions.

The District of Summerland announced the receipt of a $625,000 grant from the federal “Build Back Better” fund presented in the fall Economic Statement 2020.

Dear Editor:

We're familiar with the feeling of coming out of another Okanagan winter, but this season was unlike any of us have never seen before, occuring in the midst of the pandemic.

Over days, stresses had been building up in a big magnetic loop extending upward from the surface of the Sun. The solar wind, flowing outwards at hundreds of kilometres a second was dragging it upwards, stretching it.

Last weekend, NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh presented the NDP’s plan to help young people thrive instead of being buried in student loan debt.


EDITOR'S NOTE: The following letter dated March 20, 2021 was supplied to The Herald by the author in response to our article "RDOS urged to ‘respect’ community, reconsider park name" (Herald, March 20). This letter is appearing online as it exceeds the 400-word limit for our print edition.


The attorney-general is supposed to be the least controversial of cabinet posts – a position demanding the disinterested mien of someone impervious to political winds or vested interests.

Canada’s two top military officers, General Jonathan Vance and Admiral Art McDonald, are under investigation for charges of sexual misconduct.


In previous media releases Interior Health has stated publicly that the move to repatriate the contracts from Pathways was part of a larger plan throughout the province and not due to any lack of services that Pathways has provided.

Microsoft’s takeover of game developer Bethesda has been finalized. Microsoft now owns all the Bethesda studios and their rights. What this means for gamers is all of Bethesda’s library of past games are now on Microsoft’s Game Pass.


Addiction is a complex health condition that can devastate people, families, and communities and Interior Health is working to address these challenges as the understanding of mental illnesses and substance use disorders continues to evolve.

Many of us are captivated by the bizarre political drama currently playing out below our southern border.

This week, directors with the Regional District Okanagan Similkameen will receive a first draft of a new communications policy. Included is who should be the official media spokesperson for the board.


EDITOR'S NOTE: In recognition of St. Patrick's Day, we are running this excerpt from a novel by Penticton writer Russ McDevitt. McDevitt was born in Ireland and is proud of his Irish heritage.

The current controversy in Summerland is the “green washing” of the $7 million proposed solar array. What seems to have been lost in the discussion? The fact is Summerland is lucky to be able to consider an alternative energy project because it owns its electrical utility.


I grew up on the edge of a sprawling conurbation in Birmingham, England. If I stood on a local hill and gazed to the east, I would see the neon orange lights of endless back streets and factories of the industrial heartland — the pumping heart of a nation. As its arteries zigzagged out to th…