Bogner's restaurant

The unique Tudor-style house that has been the home of Bogner’s of Penticton since 1977 was built in 1915 for one of the city’s first doctors.

Not so fast.

A plan to demolish Bogner’s restaurant and replace it with a three-storey office building has hit a snag.

Penticton city council in December approved a minor variance and development permit for the project at 302 Eckhardt Ave. W.

Since then, however, the owners and tentative purchaser discovered a land-use contract was been applied to the property in 1976 that requires the existing Tudor-style building to be retained and operated as a restaurant.

The contract was created when council of the day approved converting the home to use as a restaurant.

More recently, the B.C. government has moved to terminate all such land-use contracts by June 30, 2024, meaning the protection in place for Bogner’s will expire in 18 months.

But that’s not soon enough for the proponents behind the office redevelopment, who want to get to work immediately and asked council to kill the land-use contract now.

Council gave first reading to that request, then set it down for a public hearing Feb. 7.