In this Aug. 25 file photo, Dave, right, and Kathy Smith with the help of Glenn Hooper put up a sign expressing some of their concerns about the proposed RDOS compost facility at the Summerland landfill.

SUMMERLAND - The proposal to locate the RDOS regional compost facility at Summerland’s landfill is without a doubt the hottest item on this evening’s agenda.

Included in the agenda package are 218 pages filled with 141 letters and emails from residents who overwhelmingly oppose the facility.

Their primary concerns are potential contamination of the municipality’s water supply, odour associated with the facility and a large increase in truck traffic through residential, commercial and school zones.

The specific staff recommendations before council are to grant RDOS access to the landfill site in order to conduct technical studies and to authorize staff to execute an access agreement for that purpose.

It is also recommended that staff be directed to develop a comprehensive public consultation strategy to provide information and receive feedback.

A petition opposing the facility bearing 240 signatures will be presented to council.

“This petition meets the requirements of Section 82 of the Community Charter and the provincial government standards,” manager of legislative services Tricia Mayea wrote.

The other controversial issue, the proposed Banks Crescent development, is also on the agenda.

Of particular note is the recommendation that staff be directed to engage a third-party engineering firm to conduct an independent review of the developer’s proposed aquifer protection strategy.

The petition opposing the development with 2992 signatures, 2418 from Summerland residents, will be presented to council.

A summary report of information gathered at the Open House held Oct. 5 on the OCP and rezoning application for 5418 Nixon Road will be provided to council.

Council will consider the recommendation to hold a second public hearing concerning the application on November 14.

The staff recommendation to give first and second readings to a proposal to allow for the four properties at 13610-13620 Kelly Avenue to be subdivided into nine lots with each lot having a single family house with a secondary suite will come before council.

Council will consider an amendment for the properties located at 10701 and 10705 Elliot Street to change the OCP designation and zoning bylaws to allow for an increase in density on the properties.

Director of development services Dean Strachan is recommending that council give first and second readings to several amendments to the zoning bylaw that would increase the number of properties where carriage houses and secondary suites are permitted and allow the same size unit on all permitted properties.

Director of works and utilities Kris Johnson is recommending implementation of an automated collection system for solid waste, recyclables and yard waste by July 2018 and that contract negotiations be based on the automated collection system of contractor supplied cart at an estimated annual cost of $489, 453.

Staff are asking for authority to explore legal recourse to remedy the breach of covenant by the owners of 902 Lighthouse Landing in respect to the unlawful removal of trees.

Chief administrative officer Linda Tynan will present council with information regarding the successful applications to the Rural Dividend fund for the Giant’s Head Trails Project, in partnership with the Summerland Rotary Club in the amount of $435,000, and the Downtown Commercial Inventory and Development Strategy in the amount of $10,000.

Two development variance permit applications will come before council.

The first is to reduce the front yard setbacks at 10-10605 Cedar Avenue to allow for the construction of a single-family dwelling on a vacant strata lot in the same format as the existing homes in the strata.

The second is to reduce the minimum side yard setback at 6819 Canyon View Road to allow for construction of a new accessory barn building.

The meeting begins at 7 p.m. in the Municipal Hall, 13211 Henry Avenue. Public is welcome.