Geese will continue to have targets on their backs in certain areas of Oliver.

Council this week approved continuation of a goose management program under which qualified hunters can apply for permits from the town to shoot the birds in specified areas around Tucelnuit Lake and the Oliver Airport.

Last year, hunters bagged a total of 58 geese, which are considered a pest by some because their feces contains pathogens that can be harmful to humans and pets.

“Since the beginning of the program (in 2010), we have issued an average of six permits per season and the result has been a reduction in the number of Canada geese at both Tucelnuit Lake and the Oliver airport,” wrote Shawn Goodsell, the town’s director of operations, in his report to council.

“It has been several years since we have received any complaints from the public (so) that lends credence to the continuation of the program. Complaints of the goose population have lessened over the years, supporting the continuation of the program.”

The town also contributes $2,000 annually to the Okanagan Valley Goose Management Program, which attempts to control the birds’ population through egg addling.