$2 per hour

The City of Penticton installed new pay parking meters on downtown streets including this one not far from City Hall.

To counter a rising tide of opposition to the expansion of paid parking in downtown Penticton, the municipality has now designated free curbside pick-up parking stalls in four locations along Main Street and is looking to expand the program to other areas as well.

Those designated stalls, which are marked with signage, will give drivers 10 minutes of free parking to pick up orders at local shops and restaurants.

Besides expanding the areas that are subject to paid parking, the city also increased the price this year from $1.25 to $2 per hour. The changes are expected to generate an additional $700,000 in revenue for the city this year.

However, some local merchants have complained about losing customers who don’t want to pay for a full hour of parking for a quick pick-up.

An online petition urging the city to reconsider the paid parking program had garnered nearly 1,700 electronic signatures as of Friday afternoon.