Toni Russell

Penticton woman Toni Russell on the balcony of her home at Cherry Lane towers. She was among a minority of owners who didn't support a 55-plus restriction.

It wasn’t a slam dunk – but it was decisive.

At a special meeting Wednesday night, owners of 252 units in Cherry Lane Towers voted 87% in favour of imposing a 55-plus age requirement, according to a strata council representative.

The towers are a collection of five buildings off Atkinson Street directly across from Cherry Lane Shopping Centre.

The 19-plus restriction that existed for the buildings effectively vanished in November 2022, when the B.C. government amended the Strata Property Act to remove strata councils’ ability to restrict rentals and impose age limits on residents.

The exception is that strata councils can impose 55-plus rules, ostensibly to protect housing for seniors. Cherry Lane Towers wasted no time pursuing that option.

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