No charges

Police were called to this Burger King shortly after noon today to find a suspect held to the ground by a bystander.

Local contractor Warren Lee is being heralded as a hero today for standing up to bullying.

Police were called to Burger King in Penticton shortly before noon, today, to deal with a complaint of causing a disturbance. According to a police report, a 33-year-old male complained about his order and began shouting at staff. A senior male interjected asking the man "to stop yelling at the ladies" at which time he was threatened with violence.

Eyewitnesses say Lee, a customer in the restaurant, pinned the man and held him on the ground until police arrived five minutes later. The man was handcuffed but later released without charges as the parties did not wish to pursue legal action. He is banned from the restaurant. The man was not known to police.

"I'm sure glad Warren was here," said an employee who requested anonymity. "If the older man had been hit, he would have been hurt badly."

The worker said she's never seen an incident like this in 15 years in the fast food industry.

"Our customers are all great. I'd never seen this man before. I think he needs anger management classes."

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