Mail-in ballot

Canada Post letter boxes have been vanishing from the streets of Penticton.

They’ve been hauled away to await repairs after a wave of recent vandalism, according to the Crown corporation.

“The affected letter boxes will be replaced as soon as possible,” spokesperson Valerie Chartrand said in an email.

“The RCMP is investigating and our postal inspectors are working in collaboration with them. We take these matters and the security of the mail very seriously.”

Chartrand didn’t respond to follow-up requests for more details about the number and locations of boxes that have been affected, but did confirm two boxes that had been located outside the Canada Revenue Agency building on Winnipeg Street were pulled from service after being vandalized Jan. 2.

The nearest letter box is now located about 400 meters away at the corner of Winnipeg Street and Lakeshore Drive.

Mounties earlier this week announced the arrest of a man in connection with a string of recent mail thefts. Police cautioned people to collect their mail daily, put delivery on hold while their away, and to never send cash in the mail.