Taig Savage

Taig Savage was 22 when he was the victim of an apparent homicide on Monday, Sept. 5, 2021. This picture, supplied by Penticton RCMP, is from when Taig was a teenager.

Grieving mother remembers son

Taig’s dog, Cooper, lays saddened by the door. Head hung and no amount of consoling or bribing has helped.

He lost his boy.

Our world lost a great person, someone who would have helped anyone.

The most non-judgmental being I had ever encountered. As a mom, this was a good thing and a bad thing... generous beyond belief. He offered his family home to people who had nothing or needed help. Like his friend George, who lost his mother in a bike accident and Tom, whose family home became unsafe.

Tom confessed, “Taig saved my life.”

His friend Eric said, “He was sometimes my only friend.”

As a mom, I worried his non-judgemental generous ways put him at risk.

His money was the first to be spent in the group and I worried sometimes he was taken advantage of.

Taig never cared. He loved people and good times — not the money. If you took it, it meant you needed it more than him. He would have protected any girl or dog from mistreatment unconditionally. He definitely defended the underdog.

Hard working, dedicated and loyal.

His construction jobs were the heartbeat of his adult life. He used to say, “Mom, I just get it.”

He loved his job with Gary Stocker and worked hard to be a craftsman. Resourceful and hard working would be words any of his workmates would attest.

No amount of tears and sympathy can bring back the life and events that happened that early morning.

Family is putting every effort into healing and praying someone saw something that will help the investigating officers.

I am a mother that lost a son. We are a family that lost a brother. We are a community who lost a friend.

My thought go to another mother too... the one that loves a murderer.

Tracey Savage


EDITOR'S NOTE: Tracey Savage’s son, Taig Savage, was identified Monday as the victim in the Sept. 5 homicide in Penticton.