New-look Peach

Artist Johann Wessels’s painting of Munson Mountain that now adorns the Peach on the Beach.

Penticton’s iconic and sometimes cheeky Peach on the Beach is known for its shenanigans, but now, there’s a serious message the concession stand’s operator wants to share.

On the south side of the circular ice-cream shop where smiling faces (even some with pandemic masks) have appeared for Christmas, Valentine’s, and other special events, there is now a simple landscape painting.

Like other decorative designs the Peach has sported in the recent past, this one is by Penticton commercial artist Johann Wessels. The colourfuI painting is of Munson Mountain and the letters that spell Penticton, a sign that’s been there for over 80 years.

In the painting, reflected in the waters of Okanagan Lake at the base of the mountain, Wessels has spelled out the word “Sn’pinktn,” which means Penticton in the Nsyilxcen language.

“We are honoured to reside and operate on the traditional territory of the Syilx peoples,” said Peach operator Diana Stirling in an email about the painting.

“This beautiful artwork by Johann Wessels is to respectfully show our gratitude to the people, the land and the water.”

The Peach is now open for the season at select times.