A look inside

Here is a look inside one of the MMUs in a photo supplied by the Provincial Health Services Authority.

B.C.'s mobile medical unit (MMU) has been deployed to Penticton Regional Hospital in anticipation of any issues related to the Boonstock Music and Arts Festival.

The four-day event begins Thursday and concludes Sunday evening with an anticipated crowd of at least 8,000 in attendance.

The MMU arrived Tuesday in Penticton and it will give staff, physicians and other care providers an opportunity to become familiar with this valuable emergency preparedness resource, while also providing additional hospital capacity during what is expected to be a busy holiday weekend.
To allow for close placement to the facility and adjacencies to the PRH's emergency department, the MMU and supply trailer will be situated in the parking lot in front of the main entrance. Access off Carmi Avenue will be limited to emergency department traffic. All other traffic will be redirected to use the Government Street access.

Non-emergency patients and visitors are asked to park in the East parking lot. The MMU will leave and parking/access will return to normal on Tuesday, August 5.
The MMU is housed in a 16-metre tractor-trailer that expands to a 90-square-metre (1,000 square feet) flexible facility with up to eight or 10 patient treatment bays, depending on mission requirements.

In a press release sent by Interior Health, the MMU can provide four flexible levels of clinical care, ranging from public health outreach and first aid, to critical care and emergency life-saving surgery.

A support trailer provides a small office space and workshop for on-the-road support, and is also stocked with a variety of medical and consumable supplies for use in the event of emergency.

The MMU can be connected to a hospital’s shore power, city water and waste systems, but also has its own power, oxygen, water, and waste systems for self-sufficiency when required.

The MMU can be deployed anywhere in the province to support planned hospital and health centre renovations, when additional capacity is needed to cope with large-scale public events, or when disaster strikes.

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