Many Hats Theatre Company was created by a group of experienced and passionate theatre people in 2007 with the express goal of producing ‘top drawer’ professional-quality live theatre to the South Okanagan. The public’s response was immediate and as support grew Many Hats quickly became the …


In a chiropractic career spanning over three decades Dr. Adam Konanz has treated everyone from celebrities to sports stars but some of his favourite patients are of the four-legged variety.

In response to the flooding emergency unfolding in Pakistan, leading Canadian aid agencies — working together as the Humanitarian Coalition — are raising funds to rush assistance to people in need.


The eighth Penticton Beer Blocks breweries gathered on Friday at Cannery Brewing to brew their annual collaboration beer for Penticton Beer Week.


This weekend is the kickoff for many churches after the summer break. It is no secret that the church has had a severe shaking, a rigorous stirring, brought on by the two-plus years of the pandemic. It is only now that the church across Canada is starting to shake the dust off, pick itself u…


 A volunteer-driven program feeding hungry school kids their most important meal of the day is in jeopardy unless more people step up to the plate.

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Destroy All Humans! 2 — Reprobed brings the humour and fantastic game play of the original game to a new generation of players.

The game has you once again taking control of Crypto, that snarky alien from the first game. This game takes place 10 years after the first game in 1969. The time was full of flower power, hippies and the constant threat of Russian invasions. In the game, you’re working with your old boss Pox and a KGB defector named Natalya. The game will take you around five large fairly open maps.

The visuals have been updated from the original game that dropped 2006. The new game has upgraded 4K visuals, showing a nice amount of details when it comes to Crypto or the world itself.

The game also has upgraded lighting effects. While most of the visuals have been upgraded, the animations do show their age. The character movements and animations at times are stiff. With the upgrade, I would have liked more variety when it comes to NPCs. You’ll see the same character models over and over again.

The voice work still sounds good, even though some of the jokes might not land since they were written back in the early 2000s. Some might find the humour brash but I did find most of it landed.

The sound effects from explosions to the weaponry are all solid.

Crypto has to complete various missions for your old boss Pox or Natalya. The player moves around the map with the left thumbstick and aims with the right thumbstick. Players can also use a jetpack and hover skates to get around the map easier.

Since you’re an alien, you have a variety of alien weaponry and gadgets at your disposal. Players can use a zap gun, disintegrator, anal probes, and others. Most guns require ammo, which will make the zapper your go-to weapon for the most part. Only during certain times do you need a specific weapon to battle bosses, etc. The issue with weapons other than the zapper is they require ammo. This ammo can only be obtained by ‘Transmoging’ items around the environment. Transmog takes boxes, cars, and more and transforms that item into ammo. One issue is that ammo is random so you never know if you’ll get what you need.

The game does have a nice variety of enemies that you’ll encounter. Players will have police in different countries, such as armies, mafia, and even aliens to fight against.

Fighting enemies will require you to use both the environments, and all your skills. With a bit of practice you’ll be jetpacking and hoverskating around, zapping enemies along the way.

One cool power is the ability to take over any human form. When the player highlights the human you want to transform into, you can just press a button a few times to take over that human. You have to be careful to make sure no other human sees you doing this as they will attack you. Once you are in control of the human you can talk to and blend in with the other humans. One thing you can’t do is use any of Crypto’s weaponry. The only thing at your disposal is the “free love” visor. This visor sprays out “good love” vibes and has people in the vicinity dancing. Once enough humans in the area are under the love spell they will have a dance party.

This comes in handy when the police or military are after you and you need to make a quick getaway.

It just wouldn’t be a Destroy all Humans game without your spaceship. At certain locations on each map Crypto can jump into his ship. The ship also works as a hub, letting players upgrade weapons, get ‘gene recipes’ and even replay missions if you missed a side objective. The gene recipe requires the player to suck up a certain amount of different humans to complete the recipe. Completing these recipes will upgrade your abilities. The ship controls are fairly easy to get the hang of. Players can raise or lower the ship with the thumbstick and use weapons with the trigger. You can shoot from the front of the ship or do a top-down aiming for destroying ground enemies.

The ship’s main weapon is the death ray, which can incinerate enemies and vehicles. The abduction beam is used to suck up all the humans required for the gene recipes. Sonic Boom is a powerful weapon that is used to level buildings and works great against tanks and larger vehicles.

Destroy all Humans! 2 – Reprobed has a ton of content. Each map has a number of side missions, collectibles, and gene recipes to complete. With the average playtime being around 15 hours or so to complete, I had a blast playing through those 15 hours but there were a few bugs. At times, cars and enemies would be stuck in the ground but for the most part nothing major.

The fact that the game only costs $39 in a sea of $70 games makes this a great package.

If you’re looking to experience a humour-filled destructive adventure from the view of an alien, this is your game.

Destroy All Humans! 2 Reprobed gets a 9/10 a must buy.

Rated M for Mature (PS4,PS5).

Available on PS4, PS5, Xbox Series S, X, Xbox One, Switch

Contact Sascha at sggall@telus.net with gaming questions.On XBox One: acehardy13.

On PSN: acehardy13

The Tee’s Up for Cancer Golf Tournament sure knows how to celebrate 25 years of fun and fundraising! This year’s event on Aug. 13 at the Penticton Golf & Country Club raised $57,000, smashing their goal of $25,000.

Last week, I explored the theme of the many questions asked of Jesus by the crowds and the many more questions Jesus asked of those that came to him.

A 2022 poll of Canadians by Maru Public Opinion ranked the most respected professions. The top 10 (with approval percentage) were:

Researchers at the University of British Columbia have discovered what they are calling a “weak spot” in the virus that causes COVID-19.

I remember the profound joy of hearing my kids ask numerous questions, such as, “What would you do if you had a time machine?”

A lack of BC Ambulance paramedics meant Bella Coola RCMP had to transport a dead woman in a body bag in the back of their pickup truck to the hospital, said Samuel Schooner, chief of the Nuxalk Nation.

When we first moved to Canada, some new friends offered us a getaway at their lakeside cabin, situated in the beautiful town of Invermere. At that point, we had not travelled to the hidden gem in the corner of the province.

We have July under our belts and August is looming ahead promising many days of hot weather.

For much of the world, these last few years has really put a spotlight on health, or the lack thereof. As we emerge from the pandemic, we’re seeing a multitude of issues affecting overall mental and physical health. The one that seems to be top of mind for most is weight gain.

The next few months will see major releases of some of the most wanted games. At the end of August, players will have the much anticipated Saints Row released on Aug. 23.

I have been learning a few new words lately. I am pleased to know that I am still able to learn new things and that the world is always expanding for me, even though I don’t depend on excessive social media for my entertainment.


It was our staff day off; I walked in ready to print my research for a forthcoming talk and expected to find the offices empty, I noticed a door open, and as my flipflops slapped down the hallway, I heard a voice greet me. I peered into his office and found one of my pastors sitting in a cha…


The Summerland Community Arts Council is pleased to present the gallery show, “She Lives in the Mountains,” featuring the works of famed potter Diane Walters.


VICTORIA — As B.C.’s health minister heralded the opening of a new nine-storey tower at Kamloops’ Royal Inland Hospital Monday, critics wondered if there will be enough health care workers to staff it after several emergency room closures in small communities across the province over the weekend.


I remember picking up one of my girls from daycare; she excitedly ran out dragging her Dora the Explorer backpack, which was often full of the most random belongings.

An old song came on the radio the other day. I did the typical thing and ran over to turn the volume up and then tried my best to sing along with it. And, of course, the only words I could remember were the chorus.

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Animals will be welcome in Gyro Park for a free community event in September meant to help others learn about the joys of pet ownership.

Agur Lake Camp’s Charity Golf Day supports B.C.’s only barrier-free wilderness campground. Sponsors, volunteers and golfers raised $7,500 in this year’s fundraiser. Then the winner of the $10,000 hole-in-one that day, Len Filek, matched that amount bringing the total raised to $15,000. From …

Cameron Betts from Betts Electric, centre, has come on board to support Pathways through the security division of their operation. A portion from each security camera they sell each month will be donated to Pathways. “We are excited to be part of this exciting project as we all work towards …

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We live in a changing and shifting world; it feels like the global tectonic plates are moving with wars, pandemics, and political turmoil, fueled by a never-ending stream of news and notifications invading our world.


Teacher Lorne Lovett has spent much of his career promoting and teaching cycling to his Grade 7 pupils.