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Here we are, at the fourth week of advent, less than a week before we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

This year has seen the release of a large number of fantastic games that are great in their own way. There has to be one standout title and this year is no different.

This Sunday is the second Sunday in Advent. Advent is a time to prepare our hearts; the second Sunday is a beautiful chance to reflect on the ways prophecy has been fulfilled and ponder what the future will bring.

Most digestive and gut issues can actually be drastically reduced — and in some cases even eliminated completely — using food.

PENTICTON - The doctor shortage in the Okanagan has been a pressing issue for a number of years now. Waitlists for family doctors seem to only get longer and walk-in clinics are overrun as a result. This problem is hard on everyone in our community, but especially for those in need of assess…

Oftentimes, many people don't realize the strategies they think will help them lose weight are actually hindering their results.


Leona MacDonald and her dog Skye dressed as pirates for a Halloween bike ride on the new lake-to-lake cycling route, Friday night. The family-friendly event was organized by members of the Penticton and Area Cycling Association and attracted about 50 cyclist... plus two dogs.


Jezero crater is the 28-km diameter remnant of an ancient impact on Mars. Until maybe three billion years ago it contained a large lake that had a major river system flowing into it, forming a large delta. This crater is now being closely examined using the Perseverance Rover for signs of an…


The Okanagan School of the Arts (OSA) is offering an exciting and interactive program for young children: Preschool Performers!


A documentary on a popular conductor and classical musician who discovered she had attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in her 50s will be shown at the Community Theatre on Oct.16.

I have always enjoyed just watching life. This can happen while I am hiking in the mountains, hanging around on the Las Vegas Strip, or just parking myself on a bench observing people as they walk by.

Back to school can be a stressful time for both kids and parents, but you can turn it around for you and your child.

Kelowna teenager Scotty Berg released what he hopes will become the ultimate summer song, “Friends,” now available on all streaming services.

Jackie and Tony Botbijl hold a photo of their daughter Leisha Blais, who died in 2017, at “In Memoriam.” The annual vigil, held Friday evening at Gyro Park, was to remember those who died from issues related to addictions. Aug. 31 is International Overdose Awareness Day and events are being …

“Sudden bursts of movement cause reactions in the body that break the cycle of stress, allowing the brain to calm down, relax and focus on the task at hand.”