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With the E3 trade show being cancelled again, the big video-game companies are bringing shows directly to gamers starting in June. So the question is what can gamers look forward to from the big three — Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo.

Nintendo has showcased a bunch of indie titles from various publishers that will be releasing throughout the year, like Cursed to Golf, Card Shark, Another Crab’s Treasure, Cult of the Lamb and more.

My favourite so far is Silk, a game that visually reminds me of Limbo with its black-and-white hand-drawn look.

With the ability to possess and use the powers of various sea creatures, Silk looks like a must-play puzzle adventure coming in June.

As for first-party games I would expect to see more from the Breath of the Wild sequel, even though it has been pushed back into next year. Many are speculating the aging Switch hardware could be causing issues for the development team.

A new Pokemon game or two would also be a fairly safe bet. My hope would be for a remaster of the Prime Metroid titles or a new first-person Metroid title. A new Mario Party and Mario Kart would also be welcome sights.

We can safely bet that Sony will show off God of War Ragnarok, which should still be coming out this year, likely around October. The first game in the series was a masterpiece, so this sequel should be just as much of a visual feast as the first one.

Spider-Man 2, which is set to release in 2023, will likely also make a showing at the showcase. Besides those two, we don’t know what to expect. I’d like Sony to bring out another Infamous title. The series has always been a great way of living out your superhero or supervillain fantasies.

Something in the horror genre would also be welcome. Even a new Little Big Planet showing off the PS5’s controller features would be a win for Sony.

Microsoft after Halo Infinite issues needs to bring the big guns to this year’s showcase.

With all the studios Microsoft now owns, they have a large number that should be finishing games. We know Fable is being developed when a trailer dropped last year, so that could be shown off more.

We know Starfield, which comes out later this year, will be a key game shown.

A new Forza Motorsports will likely be also showcased.

Lastly, this past weekend was a bad time for some Xbox Series X and S users. Some users were unable to play even single-player games for about four days. It seems the Xbox consoles require a digital rights management check, even if it’s a single-player game, to connect to MS servers. With those servers being down, the game wasn’t able to be verified, making it unplayable even with the disc. This caused major outrage as it should.

When even having the physical disc in hand isn’t enough, there needs to be a change.

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