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Forza Horizon 5

This year has seen the release of a large number of fantastic games that are great in their own way. There has to be one standout title and this year is no different.

I also want to finish the year by thanking all the readers that stop me in the stores or give me that thank you email. It truly makes my day to hear people enjoying my reviews and gaming related news. I look forward to another great year in gaming and interacting with you the readers.

Please look for my final review of the year on Halo Infinite next week and see if the year long delay made the game that much better. Starting early next year we will finally get our hands on Dying Light 2 which has been on my radar for a number of years.

Forza Horizon 5

(Xbox Series X,S, Xbox One, PC)

Rated E for Everyone

Pros — Huge map based on Mexico to explore, every few minutes of driving gives you a different bio dome, you have sandy dunes, beaches, rain forest, city streets and even small towns, vehicles galore.

Everything from semis, trucks, cars, trail rigs and many more. Dust storms can be seen forming in the distance and players can interact with them, so of the craziest events from racing a train, a plane and more, there are new challenges daily.

Multiplayer modes let you play different modes from zombies, eliminator and many more — barn finds, treasure chests, speed traps, drifting challenges — there is something for everyone.

Accessibility options for people with

disabilities and even has sign language

during cutscenes, weekly challenges and more content and seasonal challenges presented.

Players can create their own races, challenges and even custom designs and share them with others online.

Cons — Servers can be issued when trying to find online match modes. Convoys and other issues are being addressed with patches.


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