An Enderby woman realized too late she was being scammed.

The senior received a phone call Thursday from a person claiming to be a bank manager, Vernon Mounties say.

“The fraudster told the victim their bank account had been compromised and convinced the victim to log into their bank account in order to restore the security settings. The thief then coaxed the victim into purchasing over $3,000 in Google Play cards and when the call was terminated, the victim realized they had been scammed and contacted her bank and police,” police said in a news release.

Police advise people receiving such phone calls that:

— If you didn’t make the call, you don’t know who you are talking to;

— No matter who is calling, never give personal information over the phone;

— Never pay a debt by crypto-currencies prepaid credit cards or gift cards;

— If someone contacts you allegedly from a company, hang up and contact the company yourself.