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Rated M for Mature


Returnal offers PS5 gamers a combination of intense combat and the story of a great horror title.

The visuals of Returnal show off the power of the next generation PS5. The environments have rays of light. The creatures are unique and varied. Players have flying bug-like creatures with bright tentacles that fire projectiles. There are ground-based enemies, even a tree-type enemy.

The tree-style enemy fires sap at you to make you stick to the ground. The sap slows you down and leaves you open to more attacks.

The sound design has some cool next-generation touches. The sound from voice acting to creature sounds are top notch. But there are some cool additions like hearing rain drops from the controller’s speaker.

Game play is totally different from traditional horror-style play. The game has you playing an astronaut who crash lands on a mysterious planet. You are tasked to find about the planet and find out about a signal that drew you to this planet.

You are equipped with your space suit and your trusty pistol. The game plays as a third-person shooter. The player moves with fast fluid movement. The player can dash and jump around with a jetpack using the left thumbstick. Environment levels are randomly generated with each play-through being different.

Enemies you encounter are

varied with the player running across both air- and ground-based opponents.

Enemies come at you from all directions and follow you. You will have to run, dash and jump to try and survive.

The game is rogue-like, which means after you die, you are brought back to the start.

I’m not a fan of these types of games, but something about this game hooked me. With the super fast SSD of the PS5, restarts are almost instant.

This game is a challenge and you will die and start a ton of times.

If you want a real challenge in the horror genre, this is your game. Each time you die, the rooms that make up the map are changed. Enemy positions and types are also reset after each death.

If you are looking for a challenge, this is a must.

Returnal gets a 9/10.

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