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Far Cry 6

Far Cry 6

Rated M for Mature

(PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, S, Xbox One, PC)

Far Cry 6 throws the player into a new conflict on a new island with an amazing new villain and varied game play that created the most fun I’ve had in these games.

The sound design is always solid, but Far Cry 6 takes it to another level. One of the highlights is the voice acting. Giancarlo Esposito plays the president and dictator of Yara. Esposito is one of the most brutal and controlling characters in the series.

The main character, who is usually silent, also has a ton of dialog this time.

The sound is best on next-generation systems. When walking through caves, you have the rich sounds of water dripping off walls, crickets and other noises around you.

Far Cry 6 has the player kicking off the action right away. You start out trying to escape the Island of Yara and end up washing up on an island.

Your task is to unite the rebels and take out the president of Yara.

The Yara president is torturing and enslaving his own people to grow and harvest a special tobacco that can cure cancer. Anyone who shows anything but love for the dictator is killed or tortured.

The game’s map is divided into different provinces, each controlled by a different military or high-ranking government official. Different guerrilla factions give you missions ultimately leading to you taking on the high ranking official of that region.

Far Cry 6 introduces a bunch of new elements. The first is the Supremo. The Supremo is a backpack that once powered up with kills can be unleashed. One Supremo launches missiles at enemies in the area, another releases a cloud of poison gas. There even is a special medical one that will revive you when killed.

You also have a Resolver. These are handheld weapons that can fire nails, poison gas and more. Each of these weapons can be customized.

Even standard weapons can be customized. You can add different ammo types, silencers, scopes and more. Besides the wide variety of weapons, sidekicks are also here. These sidekicks are animals that can be used to take down enemies from a distance. These sidekicks can be a crocodile, panther and even dogs. These animals can open up different advantages in battles and make stealth attacks easier.

The gameplay lets the player choose whether they want to go in guns blazing or use stealth. You can use silenced weapons, bows with attachments or any weapon you have in your inventory.

Far Cry 6 even has some light role-playing elements with weapons, clothing and accessories allowing you to customize your character.

The game’s map is huge, with many different regions, islands and more. Each section has bases, anti-aircraft cannons and checkpoints. The side missions are just as much fun as the main story-based ones.

One side mission has you protecting a crazy rooster as it goes on a destruction warpath. Exploring different areas will have you coming across notes that give you more background or even give you locations to treasure hunts.

The treasure hunts are some of the most fun I’ve had in any game.

Variety seems to be a theme. Players can use cars, trucks, tanks, horses, motorcycles, helicopters, airplanes and even boats. You want to fly low and bomb a base with your plane or chopper? The choice is yours. You want to go fishing to get some exotic fish? Want to hunt different animals or try your hand at the legendary creatures? Go for it. Even enemies have a nice variety.

Controls are tight and responsive.

A major advantage of the newest systems is load times. Fast travelling is almost instant and loading from the start screen takes seconds.

If you love the Far Cry games, 6 offers more variety, destruction while giving you a great story.

Far Cry 6 gets an 8/10.

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Sascha Heist is a Penticton gamer. He has reviewed video games in The Herald since 2009. Email: sggall@telus.net. On XBox One: acehardy13. On PSN: acehardy13