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Watch Dogs Legion

Rated M for Mature

(Xbox One, Series S,X, PS4,PS5)

Watch Dogs Legion

Rated M for Mature

(Xbox One, Series S,X, PS4,PS5)

Watch Dogs Legion is getting a major update, with bug fixes and multi-player capabilities coming next week.

Set in London in 2030, the developer balances a futuristic look for the city without taking out what makes London, London.

In the game, an attack on London has been blamed on DedSec. The city is now locked down and under the control of a security force of Albion. You are tasked with proving DedSec didn’t commit the attack and to find out what really happened.

The game will be familiar for people who played the previous two editions. Players at the start are given a random list of characters with you choosing one to start the game with. Different characters have a different set of skills, weapons or abilities.

London is divided into different districts with players completing different missions to liberate that district. Liberated districts will bring more people on your side.

Future London is full of construction, packages, news and police drones. There’s projection propaganda all around the city. Even with all the futurist elements, players will still notice buildings and districts of London you’d expect.

One of the biggest draws of the game is the ability to recruit anyone you see. If you come across an artist, construction worker, security person, they can join your team. If that person doesn’t have a red thumb down, they can join your team. The developer did an amazing job creating backstories for all the characters.

As mentioned, different characters have different abilities and assets. Some characters will have crowbars or wrenches as weapons. There’s a bee lady who attacks enemies with a swarm of bees and more. There are different areas on the map in red that are guarded and secure zones. Different characters can be used to gain entry to those areas. If you have a mansion under guard, a security guard or a groundskeeper are just a few examples on who can gain entry without alerting drones etc.

The game play is classic Watch Dogs. You are given a mission and how you complete that mission is up to you. Players can use stealth to sneak, or use different drones to hack and attack enemies from a safe distance. Players have a choice whether to use non-lethal attacks or more deadly arsenal.

You can also use special characters to just walk into locations without alerting enemies. There are computers to hack, puzzles to solve, phones to hack and more.

Ubisoft keeps missions fresh and different. Even the missions for recruiting different characters have a nice variety.

Watch Dogs Legion gets a 9/10.

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