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New Microsoft XBox Series X, coming soon.

This week was loaded with news about the next-generation consoles coming from Microsoft.

The first bit of news was about the long-rumoured XBox Series S, which was shown to be half the size of the Series X.

With no disc drive this system, it’s perfect for most people wanting to get into the next generation systems without a huge price tag.

The system will cost C$379, less then the current Xbox One X in stores.

The system has the same CPU as the bigger brother Series X, four times the processing power of the current Xbox One.

The S will be an all-digital console. The system will support up to 120 frames a second, ray tracing and variable shading.

The Series S will also come with a 512GB custom SSD. The small system packs a huge punch in both power and value.

The new XBox Series X had the price announced at my predicted C$599.

The Series X has better visuals with 4k resolution up to 120 frames per second. The GPU goes from the 4 TFLOPS in the Series S to 12.15 TFLOPS in the Series X.

The X has 16 gigabytes of ram compared to 10 in the Series S.

The system will also have one terabyte SSD hard drive and a disc drive. This system is perfect for those people rocking a 4k TV to showcase all those new games and those upgraded visuals on current generation games.

Both consoles are backwards compatible, playing both the Xbox One and Xbox 360 titles. We also got a release date of Nov. 10.

A surprise announcement is that coming later this month if you have a Game Pass membership, you will gain access to all the EA Access service.

EA Access gives players full games like Plants vs. Zombies, Anthem, Battlefield, FIFA, NHL and Madden just to name few titles.

This makes Game Pass even more of a deal for every gamer and those joining the next generation of consoles.

The next move is to come from Sony’s with the price and release date of their consoles.

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