Bowling is back and so is Arlee Mooy.

Mooy ran the table in the opening night of action in the Monday Night Mixed 5-Pin league at the Roll N Stones Fun Centre.

Mooy logged the ladies’ high single of 249, high four-game of 869 and high average of 206.

On the men’s side, Chris Bradford had the high single of 330 and high average of 274 while Stu Ryan earned the high four-game of 1,101.

Team Elasoff took the high single of 877 and high four-game of 3,226.

In Thursday Night Men’s 10-pin league play, Bob Biro was up to his old tricks with the high single of 201 and high average of 184, while Darren Vipond snared the high triple of 512.

Deveney Stamps took the team high single of 618 and El Rancho the high triple of 2423.