The Storm won their game then got the help they needed to clinch their first Penticton Men’s Slo-Pitch League pennant on Tuesday.

The Storm blasted K-OS 17-2 at Scott Mullins Field and were assured of first when the Orioles beat the Sportsfreaks 20-17 at Lion’s Community Park.

With one league game left to play, the Storm has a 17-2 record.

The Sportsfreaks (12-4) later beat Rolls Big Bats 18-4 and will now fight it out for second place along with Wolfpack (14-4), Orioles (13-4) and Black Contracting Raptors (13-5).

In games Thursday night, K-OS plays the Orioles at 6 p.m. at Mullins, while at Lion’s it’s Lake Monsters playing Sandlot at 6 p.m. and the Sportsfreaks at 7:30 p.m.

The Storm plays the Sportsfreaks at 9 p.m.

League play concludes Sept. 19 followed by playoffs.