Making waves

KISU members competing at the Canadian Swimming Championships are, from left: Coach Tina Hoeben, Ashley MacMillan, Jaren LeFranc, Jacob Brayshaw, Tyler Wall and Justin Fotherby.

Commitment and determination was the driving force for five KISU swimmers representing the Penticton KISU Swim Club at the 2019 Canadian Swimming Championships held Aug. 8-11 in Winnipeg.

“Our club has been noticed at the national level for our continuing success from a small community,” said head coach Tina Hoeben.

Ashley MacMillan pulled off two strong performances in both the Women’s 200 and 400 metre i9ndividual medley.

MacMillan placed fourth overall in the 200 IM with a 2:18.35.

Tyler Wall faced strong competition in the 100 backstroke placing sixth overall with a 57:42.

Jacob Brayshaw had an outstanding performance in the Men’s 50 metre breast stroke para multi-class, winning gold in 2:02.07. Brayshaw also set two Canadian records at this meet in both the 50 and 100 backstrokes.

Justin Fotherby had a “personal best” breakthrough with a time of 4:26.01in the 400 IM, taking four seconds off of the morning prelim swim of 4:30.70. Fotherby also had a “personal best” in the 200 IM with a time of 2:06.51 giving him, Swim Canada World Class on Track Times, of Track 1 in both events.

Jaren LeFranc dominated in the breast stroke category, placing second overall in the 200 with a “personal best” time of 2:14.34 and second in the 100 breast stroke in 1:03.10.

“I’m very excited to see these great performances at the end of the season,” said Hoeben. “These swimmers have put their heart and soul into these events. It is great to see it come out so well for them.”