Matt Simpson rolled up a 343 to take the men’s high single in Monday Night Mixed 5-pin bowling league action at the Roll N Stones Fun Centre.

Mike Elder notched the high four-game score of 1,047 as well as a 314 single, and shares the high average with Chris Bradford at 246. John Ryland added a 313 single.

On the ladies’ side, Rose Stasuik logged the high single of 279, Dakota Heth the high four-game of 908 and Trudy Van Kessel kept the high average of 197.

Team Godfrey had the high single of 944 and high four-game of 3,481.

In Thursday Night Men’s 10-pin league play, Bob Biro ran the table with the high single of 204, high triple of 531 and high average of 183.

Biro also had a 191 and Doug Hayes and Taylor Shea each fired a 192 single.

Deveney Stamps had the team high single of 849 and Bob’s Boys the team high triple of 2,482.