Making waves

KISU head coach Tina Hoeben is flanked by club swimmers Ashley McMillan and Tyler Wall at the FINA World Junior Swimming Championships.

KISU Swim Club has capped its COVID-19-shortened season with a virtual awards night.

Coach Tina Hoeben applauded members for staying committed to the sport even during a pandemic that has closed public pools.

“They have risen to the challenges set out in front of them and come out better for it,” says Hoeben.

The winners are: Fastest Male (Swim-a-thon): Justin Fotherby; Fastest Female (Swim-a-thon): Ashley McMillan; Rookies of the Year: Danielle Cutjar and Connor Price; Most Improved Juniors: Demico Gonzalez and Jayden Vander Pol; Top Juniors Sean Cribb and Adrienne Clark; Honourable Mention: Lachlyn Lemieux and Lezandro Louw.

Most Improved Super Junior: Julius Barkowicz; Top Super Junior: Fraser Glynes, Amy Hawkins; Honourable Mention: Bree Cutjar.

Most Improved Intermediate Karys King; Top Intermediate: Daniel Callahan and Marlee Winser; Honourable Mentions: Violet Gilman and Dayla Yamaoka.

Top Para-Swimmer: Jacob Brayshaw; Most Improved Age Group: Simon Otke; Honourable Mention: Ryan Peters and Evan Stirling; Top Age Group: Hannah Ruten; Honourable Mention: Charlotte Glynes, Emelie McCaughey and Julia Stirling.

Most Improved Academy: Paige Dooling and Alice Wang; Honourable Mention: David Archibald and Sam Kliever; Top Academy: Justin Fotherby and Ashley McMillian; Honourable Mentions: Acacia Benn, Thomas Caruso and Liam Wallich. Most Sportsmanlike: Brooke Binding Siranni, Avery Newton and Alice Wang

Honour Roll: David Archibald, Marlee Caruso, Thomas Caruso, Ben Davidson, Austin Follestad, Brooklyn Follestad, Justin Fotherby, Chelsea Keeler, Caitlyn Kowal, Ashley McMillian, Andreas Nordlund, Evan Peters, Lauryn Peters, Sean Peters, Lindsay Spear, Liam Wallich and Alice Wang.