Zebra family

Grant Konno with his sons, Ethan, Ryan and Nathan.

In what is believed to have been a first in B.C., a Penticton family this past weekend iced an entire four-man officiating crew for a competitive hockey game.

Grant Konno and his sons, Ethan, 17, Ryan, 22, and Nathan, 19, suited up together to call a game in the midget tier 2 tournament.

Larry Krause, BC Hockey's officiating development leader, said it’s the first time, to his knowledge, that a father and sons have achieved the feat in this province.

"The Konno family are a tremendous asset to hockey in the South Okanagan region serving the game as a quartet at a time in hockey history where we are continually looking to enhance our numbers regionally, provincially and across Canada," said Krause.
"Grant Konno along with his sons are a referee assigner's dream team: one call does it all with the Konno foursome of reffing expertise arriving to officiate any game at any time at any rink."