Hoop Dreamers

Lake City Basketball instructor Spencer McKay works with a group of boys ages 12-14 at a summer camp being held at Unisus School in Summerland.

Many parents were surprised that Lake City Basketball was operating camps this summer.

It can be done, but with a new format as the result of social-distancing restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The camp was unable to rent a facility in Penticton due to COVID rules, but secured gym time in Summerland at a private facility, Unisus School.

“The guidelines are quite strict,” said camp director Spencer McKay, a former national team member.

“B.C. Basketball is in the first of three phases. We can have two kids per hoop at a time. We can have 12 kids in the gym at a time with one coach, no spectators, no parents. Everyone has their own personalized basketball. We have 30-minute breaks between sessions in order to disinfect the gym, door handles and sinks.”

There’s no scrimmaging — including three-on-three — but McKay said drills are made to be competitive and fun.

“Our camps have always been skilled- focussed.”

The drawback, McKay said, is that a lot of kids are getting turned away this summer. But, many of the parents were unaware the programs were being offered.

Strangely enough, there are some positives compared to previous years when there were 90 to 100 kids in a large gymnasium at one time.

“We have a high coach-to-player ratio and that’s good for the kids. They are in small groups. With a large number of players all in the gym at the same time, there can often be distractions,” McKay said.

Camps continue throughout the month. There are a few spots available for various sessions depending on the age group and gender.

For more information on camps, Google “Lake City Basketball.”