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Photo Reprints

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Please send us your order by submitting the order form. You will be contacted by phone for your payment information. All payments must be made with The Penticton Herald before we can process your pictures.

Upon payment we will send your order to London Drugs and they will have the photo finishing done within 24 hours.

Pick Up

Please pick up all of your photos at any of these two London Drugs photo finishing department.  Your photos will be processed within 24 hours upon payment to The Penticton Herald.  When picking up your photos, please reference your photos with The Penticton Herald.

London Drugs is located at #165 - 2111 Main Street Penticton, or call them at (250) 492-4728. 

Their hours of operation are:

Store Hours
Monday:     9:00 AM      -      9:00 PM     
Tuesday:     9:00 AM      -      9:00 PM     
Wednesday:     9:00 AM      -      9:00 PM     
Thursday:     9:00 AM      -      9:00 PM     
Friday:     9:00 AM      -      9:00 PM     
Saturday:     9:00 AM      -      9:00 PM     
Sunday:     10:00 AM      -      7:00 PM     
Holidays:     9:00 AM      -      7:00 PM     

How to use The Online Reprint Service

Available Galleries:

Penticton Herald Pictures


All of our photos are displayed in thumbnail format for easy viewing. Our photos come in 5 sizes:

4 x 6 - $5.58
5 x 7 - $14.56
8 x 10 - $19.04
18 x 24 - $27.95
24 x 26 - $39.15
Email photos - $24.81 (No refunds will be given once the photo has been sent).

Note: Any photos marked with "*" (asterix) character in the photo ID are only available in 4 x 6 and 5 x 7 formats.

All prices reflect taxes include in the price.
If you know which photos you would like to purchase, please write down the photo ID corresponding to each photo and submit your request via the order form.
Photo ID example for Penticton Herald: PH_DEC_12_04_01


  • PH For the Product, PH is Penticton Herald.
  • Dec_12_04 For the month day year.
  • #1-99 For the photo number

Note: The actual Photo ID's are not color coded, this is done here to aid in the explanation of the ID's.
DISCLAIMER: Image quality may vary depending on size of enlargement and lighting conditions at time of photo.

*     Only local photos can be reprinted.
**     If you would like to order by phone please call (250)492-4002 or fill out the order form.
***     NOTE: Timing and costs may vary for out of town orders - Please call (250)492-4002 for details.
©Photographs are for personal use only and not for any internet use! The Penticton Herald or its licensors, owns the copyright for all photographs. The images may not be reproduced, republished or redistributed in any form. For commercial use of these photographs, please contact The Penticton Herald at (250)492-4002 EXT 120. All rights reserved.