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Don’t charge to park at the beach

Dear Editor:

So, the City of Penticton is looking for new revenue streams and once again has gone back to the "paid-parking" well. The last two councils have tried this, it didn't work then, it won't work now.

By all means, install paid parking at City Hall, the courthouse, at the library/ museum complex and at the community and trade and convention centres.

But, no paid parking at the beaches.

Install paid parking on Lakeshore from Winnipeg, east to Front Street. Install paid parking from the S.S. Sicamous, south to Eckhardt, including Loco Landing and Coyote Cruises.

But, no paid parking at the beaches.

Another idea would be to start penalizing property owners on Main Street whose storefronts have been empty for months or even years. Penalize the owners of the various vacant lots, the Three Gables, the former Kentucy Fried Chicken, the former Super Valu ... just to name a few. Regardless of which prominent citizens, or local politicians own these properties.

Reese MacDermott


The Royal We for Justin Trudeau

Dear Editor:

Justin Trudeau wee-wee-ed all over himself.

Joy Lang


Smart advice from man at thrift store

Dear Editor:

My first wife and I were making a donation to a local thrift store in Penticton, it is called a donation, but in reality it serves us well seeing that we are getting rid of something that we no longer want, plus we are helping out a “charity.”

Now all this has absolutely nothing to do with this letter to the editor other than the concept of donating and doing as you are told. The bloke on receiving was quite elderly, but a lot younger than I am, he was unexpectedly quite polite and friendly and had the Canadian warped sense of humour, as I was unloading all my personal, lovable junk into his cart.

I informed him that my first wife (who was stood to one side observing), had given me permission to get rid of my prize junk. I told him that years ago when I was not so bright, I used to in fact argue with my first wife, but now that I am senile and sensible I just do as I am told and it works out perfectly because deep down underneath I really don’t, er, give a rat’s rear end.

He was unfazed by my admission and seemed to be quite in tune with what I was disclosing to him.... then as my first wife who was still stood to one side listening, he offered his comment that had me in raptures.

He said, “Sir, I fully understand where you are coming from, and I too have suffered the long-term wrath of a good woman, but I have have found a simple remedy works best every every single time.”

I begged him to share his solution with me. He said, "I get up each morning and I make coffee for my wife and as I hand it to her I say, ‘ I am sorry.’”

Don Smithyman


Mayor must start acting like a mayor

Dear Editor:

Re: "Dollar store accuses mayor of bullying," by Allan Carter (Herald, July 22).

I was sorry to hear you were subjected to unnecessary and willful abuse by the Summerland Mayor, Mr. Carter. I have shopped in your store many times even though I live in Penticton. You carry a good supply of artist supplies along with many other items which I am sure is very much appreciated by the local community.

I like your store Mr. Carter and will make sure when I pass through Summerland that I stop and shop there.

When elected as mayor of a town, the elected official has a duty to represent all the citizens of that community. The so-called racist Summerlanders that elected the current mayor must have had faith in her abilities to represent the best interests of their community. I am sorry to see their votes were so sadly misplaced.

To subject Mr. Carter to that wanton display of ugly and willful reverse discrimination was uncalled for.

Mr. Carter had already removed the offensive bandanas from display. which entailed a direct loss of profit for him.

Yet, Mayor Toni Boot talked him into selling them to her so she could make a spectacle of herself at the entrance to his store in what can only be described as an attempt to damage his business.

Everyone gets picked on. I was picked on when I was a kid because I was always the poorest kid in class. I got picked on because of my hair: because of my hand-me-down clothes. I also got picked on because I smelled of strong garlic. I was seriously ill and had missed a year of school.

There was no Medicare in those days. My mother dosed me with garlic every day and I had no say in the matter. But that didn’t matter to the teacher who ridiculed me in front of the class.

The mayor needs to gain some maturity and understand that we live in a world where everyone gets picked on. Just look at the letter about me in the July 22, Herald paper from Allan Markin. He did everything but tar and feather and ride me out of town on a rail.

The Mayor needs to grow up and do her job. She was elected mayor. Start acting like it.

Elvena Slump


Words in headline were far too harsh

Dear Editor:

The headline in the July 18 Okanagan Weekend regarding the mother in Illinois convicted of killing her child is unnecessarily inflammatory and vindictive (“Child-killer mother sentenced to 35 years”).

Who knows what caused this poor woman to kill her child?

She is an acknowledged addict and it seems to me that social services could have intervened at some point.

The fault lies with many people and she should be treated with kindness, at least in the newspaper.

You could have changed the headline.

Karen Krout


Adding word “but” cheapens apology

Dear Editor:

During the past week, Justin Trudeau has said that he regrets not recusing himself from the decision to award a contract to WE Charity.

He said “and I sincerely apologize…”

The very next word was “but.” That but removed all sincerity from his apology because he went on to list excuses for his actions or non actions.

The only thing he is sorry for is that he didn’t get away with it. That displays his arrogance, which seems to go hand in hand with his privileged upbringing.

He has no respect for the law of the land, is unethical and doesn’t tell the truth.

It’s time to be rid of him and make sure that the new leader, regardless of party, respects the law, is ethical and truthful and dresses and acts like the leader of our country.

We really don’t need our representative on the world stage to dress up and act like a teenager.

Derek Coyle


Alcohol at Skaha needs consultation

Dear Editor:

In our local news, I chanced to read that Coun. Judy Sentes opposed the passing of a bylaw for alcohol consumption at Skaha Lake Park, destined to be on the council’s agenda.

I am sure that many people would oppose such a bylaw. If they were aware.

I believe that few people are sufficiently aware of what is going on regarding Skaha, nor how to voice their opposition.

Therefore I believe it’s wrong to pass such a bylaw without adequate community participation.

I also believe that the council would do well to review the wishes and petitions of thousands of locals and tourists, young and older who in 2015 clearly expressed they wanted to save and protect Skaha Lake Park, perfect just as it was.

Skaha still needs to be saved and protected. What if the Save and Protect Penticton Parks Society Committee and its many members were aware and voiced their opinion again?

Hannah Hyalnd


Contradictions on cruise ship industry

Dear Editor:

Re: “COVID bonus: no cruise ships,” (Herald letters, July 23).

I found it interesting the Al Burton of Victoria was happy that the millions of dollars of tourist spending by cruse ship passengers, was gone so the treated wastewater from the ships would not be dumped in the Pacific Ocean.

While the city he lives in stores all of its sewage untreated, until the tide changes, and then dumps the untreated waste on the falling tide.

Grant Olsen


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