Let’s set aside the argument about whether mask wearing is an effective measure to diminish the impact of COVID-19. Frankly, the reputable science on this overwhelmingly clear.

Many of the largest economic countries in the world, including Canada, who have the responsibility to be world leaders in addressing climate change, have failed miserably in meeting their Paris Agreement emission reduction commitments to date. This can only be considered a lack of political …


The airline industry has been hit hard by COVID-19 as travel restrictions put a stop to flight plans. Air Canada alone has cancelled thousands of flights, pulled out of eight regional airports and laid off 20,000 people—half of its workforce.


Most people seem to be complying with the provincial order to wear masks indoors. I see people parking their cars, heading barefaced for their preferred store, and then going back to get a mask to wear. Unwillingly, perhaps, but they’re doing it.


Our advent journey begins this weekend. The word Advent is derived from the Latin word, Adventus, meaning “coming,” and it is a time for waiting with God and for God.

The word of the year is “lockdown,” the unifying experience across the world, as we play our part in preventing the spread of COVID-19. Lockdown does not have to mean breakdown.

My dog is paranoid. If she thinks she hears something that might be a doorbell — such as, say, clinking pots together as I prepare a meal — she launches into a paroxysm of growls and howls, races to the front door, and barks furiously at nothing at all.

It’s ironic that our Page 1 headline in Wednesday’s Herald “Bike route approved” was beside a story on Cherry Lane threatening to evict The Bay due to unpaid rent.

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What a week this has been with the turbulent U.S. election, COVID-19 numbers increasing and many areas returning to lockdown, it is as if the world is tripping over itself.


I probably won’t be invited to any barbecues next summer in Trout Creek for saying this, but I support the Summerland Motel’s proposal.

In all the hoopla about the U.S. election last week, a couple of significant events sneaked by. The Supreme Court of Canada ruled that corporations are not persons. And the U.S. media acknowledged that they have ethical responsibilities.

One of the major political concerns with climate change is the certainty that the poor and middle classes will suffer the most from the impacts.

Our planet, Earth, was born around 4.5 billion years ago, along with the Sun and all the other bodies making up the Solar System.


With this being our monthly All-Good-News edition, now is an appropriate time to publicly recognize David Prystay, general manager of the Penticton Lakeside Resort for the past 27 years.

While mail-in and absentee provincial-election ballots, including mine, have yet to be counted, I’ve been pondering what the B.C. NDP’s big win means for public education.

Many residents have taken to social media to express their outrage over Prince George-Peace River-Northern Rockies MP Bob Zimmer’s vote on Wednesday in the House of Commons against the bill to ban conversion therapy.

With next generation consoles getting a lot of the spotlight, current console owners still have tons of games to look forward to.

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• The BC Liberals are shopping around for a new leader and, if they choose the right one, he or she could possibly be the next premier by 2024. The person who I think would be the best premier and would also be easily electable by the citizens of B.C. — Clarence Louie, chief of the Osoyoos I…

The day after the election in B.C., the same day as the election in Saskatchewan, another vote took place at the other end of the Americas.

Keep calm and carry on. That might be the best advice for everyone in the wake of Saturday’s provincial election.

Classic economics is based on the principle that supply and demand and free and open competition will set the best price for goods and services.

It’s election day in British Columbia. Obviously, I can’t forecast the result of that election, but I hope for the best.

B.C.’s public schools suffered years of budget cuts under the B.C. Liberals. They lost teacher-librarians, counsellors, special-education teachers, janitors, music programs, and junior kindergarten for the most at-risk kids.

Penticton and Area Cycling Association vice-president Max Picton and I recently led four members of our council along the proposed path of the lake-to-lake bike route.

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If I had to pick a winner in the Penticton Herald’s all-candidates forum, it would be Dan Ashton. An informal poll of other media people who watched the two-hour meeting unanimously agree.

As one elderly gentlemen outside our old, downtown Kelowna office searched for a way to light his crack pipe, two senior ladies were looking through one of our newspaper boxes just three metres away.

With Prime Minister Justin Trudeau having prorogued Parliament, a situation was created where the government must now start over in submitting bills and legislation through the House of Commons.