Several people have noted how much easier it is to get medical advice now that doctors are doing consults by phone. The cause, of course, is the COVID-19 outbreak, which has made traditional office visits more hazardous for patients, physicians and clinic staff.

If Members of Parliament are not sitting in the House of Commons, why then are they receiving full pay during COVID-19? We’re often told of the gruelling travel schedules for MPs, especially those from Western Canada and remote areas. For the average Canadian still fortunate to be working, m…

Volcanoes are important things. They play a part in recycling the surface rocks of a world, and in building new land. For example, all the Hawaiian Islands are actually active or extinct volcanoes.

It has been a highly unusual time in Ottawa. Last week, the leader of the Bloc Quebecois threatened the Liberal government.

I clicked on a link emailed to me about Donald Trump’s mishandling of the COVID-19 pandemic and it led to an interesting article in a recent issue of “Psychology Today” magazine.

Forgive us for blowing our own trumpet, but if you haven’t watched the “Safe at Home” concert online, please do so — not because it was produced by The Herald, but because of the incredible musical talent showcased in the 45-minute video.

I think it is generally understood that changes in our water supply are going to occur due to climate change. However, when I look at the “Pan-Canadian Framework on Clean Growth and Climate Change - Canada's Plan to Address Climate Change and Grow the Economy,” I find only one reference to w…

COVID-19 has obviously changed our lives in the short term, and now there is a growing consensus that the pandemic will also bring more long-lasting changes to our society—how we value workers, how we treat our seniors, how we house the homeless, how we protect the environment, and more.

It’s disappointing when the Governor of Michigan — whether Democrat or Republican, male or female — has received multiple death threats, the president says almost nothing about this to his supporters. If anything should trigger a tweet storm it should be threats of violence against elected o…

In my report last week, I referenced media reports on public servants being directed to ignore potential cases of fraud for the Canadian Emergency Response Benefit (CERB).

When John Horgan was sworn in as B.C.’s 36th premier in 2017, he could have chosen to keep the Ministry of Red Tape Reduction around, at least for old time’s sake.

It’s illogical that adults can’t be trusted to buy vegetables at a farmer’s market, but children in B.C. can happily return to school on June 1.

Amid the storms of life, some people find out that they have an illness that changes their lives. Sometimes their illness makes them realize they will not be able to live a normal life and do things they hoped to do. But for others, their illness makes them determined to live a full life.

It’s anyone’s guess whether what Canadians experienced during the last pandemic will repeat today, but if you are like me and want to learn more about pandemics outside of what Netflix and other streaming services have to offer, I recommend you read Mark Osborne Humphries’s 2012 book, “The L…


If any other Canadian rock star posted a racist tweet, wrapped in self-entitlement, it wouldn’t be the talk of our nation.

There are times when I could unplug it, walk it over to the balcony and drop it four floors onto the concrete sidewalk below and go down and sweep it up with a brush and pan and throw its remains into the bin!

Canadian universities are suffering from the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and will probably undergo significant changes in the next five years.

Historically, the concerns with population, particularly with population growth of other cultures, were based on limited resources and foreign cultural domination. The current concerns with population are that increasing population will increase world demand and thus make reducing carbon emi…


It has been well documented that what men need and want is honest communication. I recall an extraordinary conversation with four men about their mothers.

This week I will focus on the recently announced semi-automatic rifle ban from the prime minister.

We depend on the Sun. Without it our world would be very cold, dark, and lifeless. It provides our light and heat. Since we are so dependent on it, we are also vulnerable to any fickle behaviour it might get up to.

I was trying really hard to avoid writing a column about COVID-19, but it seems as if there are no other newsworthy events occurring anywhere.

The COVID-19 infection rate isn’t the only curve that’s likely to be flattened. The potential economic recovery curve also looks like it will follow a low trajectory.