Madonna suggests the Royal couple move from Vancouver Island to her flat in New York City because — “Canada is boring.” Boring? Those are fighting words. Does the Material Girl think nobody remembers “Who’s That Girl?”

The first airlift of 200 or so Canadians trapped in the quarantined Chinese city of Wuhan took place on Thursday. A second flight is currently scheduled for next Tuesday, Feb. 10.

Shovelling our sidewalk a few weeks ago I noticed an unusual set of tracks making their way right up to our house. Not possessing expertise on such matters I took a picture and headed for that all-knowledgeable source of information: Google.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This column by Jack Knox ran before Sunday’s Academy Awards, but is still a good read.

It has been 10 days since Britain left the European Union, although it will continue to operate under EU rules as well as paying into the EU budget until Dec. 31, 2020. This is to provide a period of transition for both parties to see what type of trade treaty, if any, they can agree to.

Tension between Los Angeles residents and the homeless people among them has only escalated as the population living on the streets has increased. Encampments sprawl across sidewalks, a nagging reminder of a humanitarian debacle that touches everyone in the city.


Imagine you’re a school superintendent working for a board of unruly school trustees. They often disagree with each other and grill your senior team members over management reports and recommendations. Your staff complain about how annoying, and even intimidating, it is to deal with the trus…


The population of Canada is growing older and that poses challenges that will need to be dealt with over the next three decades.

If Tim Hortons is trying to reclaim its Canadian identity, why then are they using “You Make My Dreams,” by Daryl Hall and John Oates in their present advertising campaign?

Millions of pets across the earth can have a significant environmental impact. Taking steps to be an eco-friendly pet owner can have a considerable effect.

About 300 teachers from across B.C. will be meeting in Richmond this weekend at the B.C. Teachers’ Federation’s (BCTF) winter representative assembly, with their collective hopes high that a new contract can be hammered out through mediated bargaining.

Precisely as I sit at my desk and put these words on paper, people coast to coast are openly discussing their mental health issues.

Clusters of a dozen or so deaths may get nonstop “if-it-bleeds-it-leads” press coverage. But the lack of preparedness for the really, really big threats may be met with virtual radio silence – until panic breaks out.

Good Lord, could the Canadian Taxpayers Federation be any more uncouth? Harry and Meghan — the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, who have relinquished their royal duties to escape the U.K. in favour of a quieter life in Canada raising little Archie — deserve a proper Canadian welcome, not a stiff …

In last week’s column, I pointed out that economic research indicates that increasing income inequality can have a deleterious impact upon economic growth.


Experts say teens should get at least nine hours of sleep each night, but only a small fraction of them do on “school nights.” Biological changes shift adolescent sleep cycles later, making it harder for teens to get to sleep early. For most adolescents, that means school mornings come far t…

Outspoken human rights activist Nazanin Afshin-Jam doesn’t fit the stereotype of political wife and that could provide some interesting moments as her husband, Peter MacKay, campaigns for the leadership of the federal Conservative party.

There’s a new meme in town. Like all memes, it is catchy, memorable and even mildly amusing. Although the origins of the phrase are debatable, the phrase “OK Boomer” seemed to have gained traction about a year ago. The intent was to offer a simple, eye-rolling and dismissive retort to critic…

With the seven-month WFP strike dragging on up-Island and forest-industry towns everywhere on their knees, this might not seem an ideal time to urge British Columbians to rally against old-growth logging.

Don’t underestimate the influenza virus. I can’t estimate how many times I have had flu. Mild fever, stuffy nose, wheezes and sneezes, persistent cough…

Apart from the astonishing resumé, the dramatic historical moments he created and the immense reputation he developed, I flashed back on one thing when word of Ted Hughes’ death broke.

I wanted to highlight a video game that has improved since its early release, offering more free content and a ton of features that weren’t available at launch.

When the Penticton Vees 2019-20 schedule was released, we noted not so much the six road games to start the season, but the nine home games to finish.

Conservative Party of Canada members were in a tizzy last week after La Presse reported that Rona Ambrose wouldn’t be running in the leadership campaign to succeed Andrew Scheer.

I don’t remember having “snow days” when I was a kid growing up in Vancouver. Sure, we had snow, but I can’t recall anyone closing the schools because of it.

Over the years, E3 (the Electronic Entertainment Expo) has been the glitziest and most high-energy event in the gaming industry. All the biggest video game developers in the industry are there from Activision to EA, and from Ubisoft to small independents.

Income per capita is commonly reported in virtually all developed economies.This measure does not, however, tell us how income is distributed and this distribution can vary widely between and within countries. “Income inequality” measures the extent to which income is distributed unevenly wi…

I am going to attempt a very difficult task. I am going to try to convince you of something you almost certainly don’t believe. You suspect it might be true of others but it is definitely not true of you.

It is, perhaps, the most terrifying way to die. No one likes falling, not even off a footstool. But being hundreds or thousands of feet in the sky, and falling helplessly, is everyone’s nightmare...

Former Bolivian President Evo Morales said that he is “absolutely convinced” the United States orchestrated the military coup that removed him from power last November.

Some time ago I had the privilege of borrowing a friend’s office for a couple hours. I was out of town, needed a quiet place to work, he was otherwise engaged, so the place became mine.

Fentanyl and opiates may have dominated the headlines in recent years but another group of drugs is making a surprising return in a positive way.

The controversial Foundation Skills Assessment (FSA) was one of the first issues I had to deal with as the newly elected chair of the Vancouver School Board, back in 2008.

OVERVIEW: Happy New Year to all. 2020 is ruled by the number four as you add the 2s together. Green is the colour of four and they are both ruled by the planet Saturn. Its time for feet on the ground, building a strong base and getting priorities in order. Make careful plans that can be achi…

Remedy’s latest game combines the tense and engrossing storytelling and combat the developer is known for to create a must-play third person action game.

Most often life’s deepest discoveries are the result of diligent thought, study and effort. Thomas Edison epitomizes that model. His persistence in the laboratory resulting in the invention of the light bulb is highly documented and unparalleled.

When the streets get icy in winter, I walk more carefully. Especially after the snowplow has gone by, and polished the fresh snow into a surface as slick as anything created by a Zamboni. I can’t take the risk of stepping forward and having my heel skid.

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