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Student dancers wow the crowd

Dear editor:

What a joyous occasion on Saturday night at the Cleland Theatre.

Okanagan Dance Studio presented their students in A Celebration of Dance. And what a dance it was! It captivated the audience with fabulous performances in equally fabulous costumes.

It warmed our hearts to see the talent and enthusiasm in each of these fine young people.

You have earned the praise from all of the audience, lucky to have attended!

Dot Creighton


Johnson bursary group says thanks

Dear editor:

A big thank-you to all those who have contributed to the Bruce Johnson Bursary through the Penticton Secondary Schools Bursary and Scholarship Foundation.

We are pleased to announce that the first recipient of this bursary, a student at Princess Margaret Secondary School, will be named at the Princess Margaret graduation ceremonies on June 27 at the Penticton Trade and Convention Center.

The awarding of this bursary honours Bruce's career as a teacher, administrator, and school board trustee and chair. Recognizing a graduating Princess Margaret student, whose goal is to continue post-secondary education, is certainly in keeping with Bruce's work and ideals.

Further thank-yous to Penticton Herald city editor Joe Fries and Valley editor James Miller for their interest in this bursary and the coverage in the Herald. The Johnson family and Bruce's many friends and associates thank all who have been involved.

Donations to this bursary continue to be welcomed by the Penticton Secondary Schools Bursary and Scholarship Foundation, which oversees the allocation of funds to graduating students from both Princess Margaret and Penticton Secondary. The office of this foundation is located at Penticton Secondary School at 158 Eckhardt Ave. E., Penticton, V2A-1Z3.

Donations may be mailed to this address or dropped off at the school office. Please include your name and address, as tax deductible receipts will be written for all donations.

Bruce Johnson Bursary Committee

OK Falls seems to be afterthought

Dear editor:

How many folks in Okanagan Falls realize what a hold the RDOS has over our community? And I am not including our Area D director, who is trying to get things overturned.

1. The jumping platform on the trestle bridge is closed because a child scrapped his or her knee (How many of us suffered scrapes, bruises and even broken bones when we were young?) the mother complained and RDOS closed it without any consultation with our people.

2.  The baseball diamond at Keogan Park has been closed down by RDOS because a house across the road complained without any consultation with our people

3. Have you noticed that all our park grass only gets cut on a Thursday because all our cutting equipment is now in Penticton and has to be brought down every Thursday for our cutting and then taken back to Penticton? Who decided this? Why, of course, RDOS.

4. Have you tried going to our RDOS office only to find it closed because the big RDOS in Penticton decided we did not need an office so everyone was transferred to their office except our Nancy who is part time, without any consultation with our people?

There are probably other things that we don't know about. Even though we are not incorporated there are ways to take things into our hands as if we were incorporated. Just ask our Director Ron Obirek and let us take our lovely village back

Barbara Few

Okanagan Falls

How can Trump salute military?

Dear editor:

Is Donald Trump the head of Miscreants are Us?

You are probably wondering at my use of the word “miscreant.” Wonder no longer as miscreant has multi-faceted meanings depending on application.

The meaning that I am using in reference to Donald Trump is a follows: “A miscreant is someone who has done something illegal or behaved badly.” A majority of people should have no problem with this reference to Trump.

Trump has definitely behaved badly. He has lied to the electorate so many times that his name should be changed to “Trumpnocchio.” His actions in this regard would make Pinocchio look like a saint. He constantly puts his foot in his mouth with his on-camera statements. His tweets show a real ignorance of the English language.

Trump is so full of himself that he considers himself as royalty. He will never be at the level of dignity and presentation of Queen Elizabeth. He is more of a court jester buffoon than a president.

I find it both insulting and hypocritical that the office of the president includes being commander-in-chief of the armed forces. How is it that a military service escapist can, in clear conscience, give a meaningful salute of respect to any military ceremony? Hypocrisy or what?

On top of that, how can he, in clear conscience, (oops....my bad....assuming Trump has a conscience), justify criticism of military heroes (John Mc Cain and others) as not being important. Remember, Trump has no military service record. He wimped out in serving his country. (Bone spurs... really?)

Delusion seems to be a large part of Trump’s repertoire. With his lies, boasts and asinine assumptions he gives us a picture of a ship that has no rudder and no definite destination.

Misogyny is high on Trump’s list of traits. Ask Stormy Daniels, Summer Zervos, Jill Harth and who knows... sundry odd others. The hype has died down. Who knows why?

All in all, Trump is really nothing more than a megalomaniacal despot. In layman’s terms a megalomaniac is someone who has an unnaturally strong wish for power and control, or the belief that you are very much more important and powerful than you really are.

Ron Barillaro


Quit bashing rural communities

Dear editor:

Who, I wonder, has a greater sense of entitlement and selfishness? Elvena Slump and those who think like her that non-Penticton residents ought to pay more towards upkeep of Penticton facilities or those people in the outer areas who may or may not use Penticton facilities?

Have they not heard of how Summerland apparently "pulled that trick" on outer area residents and suffered?

Is it fair to charge outsiders more when they may actually spend more money locally than Penticton residents?

Also, James Miller forgot to mention the viewpoint of the local customers in a recent editorial (Herald, June 6). High prices are only one reason that Okanagan Falls IGA has failed.

Not enough staff, poor quality coffee at the deli, failure to carry some essential items, less than convenient hours of operation, and staff/managerial indifference are others.

You also assume that nobody factors in the cost of gas. Some people also shop in Penticton after swimming at the pool.

IGA head office apparently is clueless about taking over for a successful owner.

The fact remains that IGA fails the customer service test in Okanagan Falls.

Patrick Longworth


Welsh apology must be next up

Dear editor:

Justin Trudeau has become somewhat of a serial apologist during his time as Canada’s prime minister.

He apologized for a shipload of Sikhs being denied entrance to Canada’s west coast in 1914, and for a shipload of European Jews being denied entrance to Canada’s east coast in 1939.

He apologized to numerous Indigenous groups for treatment their ancestors received at the hands of previous Canadian lawmakers, some dating back centuries.

The PM’s shambolic record of mumbling, fumbling and bumbling his way through his leadership role is looked upon by many as an omnishambles.

However, to give credit where it’s due, he appears sincere and sometimes even tearful when delivering apologies. The former high school drama teacher probably took a leaf from the book of Grouch Marx, who observed: “Once you can fake sincerity, you’ve got it made"

The newest apology on the horizon is aimed at Italian-Canadians who felt mistreated during the Second World War, but no news of an apology for Welsh-Canadians yet.

Of course, I’m referring to anyone with Welsh blood coursing through his veins being repeatedly referred to as a “Sheepsh------”. (Being a family newspaper, the final five letters of the offending word have been omitted, but it’s frequently used to denigrate Welsh-Canadians, by suggesting that they have intimate relationships with sheep; the word rhymes with the surname of the Rolling Stones' front-man.)

The legend goes that there was a death penalty if convicted of sheep-rustling at that time, but a far lesser penalty for bestiality; so when apprehended with a wooly animal under his arm, the wily Welshman would claim that the creature was accompanying him back home for amorous liaisons.

With Canada’s PM being such a sensitive soul, who loves to get involved in historical apologies that sometimes have a hint of ridiculousness attached to them, this one must be custom-made. It would be interesting to see how the PM would handle such an apology, and what sort of parliamentary language would be used.

Welsh-Canadians should not hold their collective breath, and not be counting sheep before they’re hatched, to mix a couple of metaphors. But in the Silly Season leading up to October's federal election, anything can happen when politicians try for extra votes.

Bernie Smith